Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Isn't This Supposed To Be A Perfume Blog?

Yesterday, the thought struck me that I haven't written about perfume at all, really, aside from stating that I'm dabbling with perfume making.  I should at least use the word 'perfume' more or write an ode once in awhile just to keep some semblance of perfumista street cred.

And I probably shouldn't mention the fact that most of my perfumes are boxed up in their original packaging and stored in another big box somewhere cool and dark.  Nor should I say that I can't bring myself to read perfume reviews, even though many are brilliantly researched, well thought out and cleverly written.

So much for street cred.

My posts have become more personal, too, which was not necessarily my intent when I returned after a three month break.  However, I did make a conscious decision to write about the stuff I'm really thinking, whatever that may be.  Authenticity is important to me, and so is allowing myself to change and evolve.  And it appears I've changed.

Because of this, I'm thinking about a new descriptor for my blog.  'Perfume and Life Plain and Simple' may not fit anymore.  I'm open to your suggestions, but keep in mind I've already considered 'Random Topics Of Little Consequence.'  

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  1. "Life. Sometimes it gets a little stinky."
    Girl, write about what you want to write about. Besides, your tagline leads with "life" and that's what your subject matter has been lately. There are plenty of perfume blogs still trucking along. There is only one YOU. So write what YOU want to write, and what you feel. Someday that may include perfume again, but if not, that's a-ok.

  2. I'm sure that when I leave comments on perfume blogs, people sometimes wander back to my blog and wonder what the heck it's all about. There is no focus whatsoever, so I never tried to define it with a tagline and I'll never get a book deal out of it. Alas! If you dropped the "perfume" from your description, I'd certainly keep reading your blog and I'm sure many others would too! If you keep it, don't let it make you feel undue pressure.

  3. *jen, you're awesome and your comments always make me feel good. I am a little stuck on 'life' right now, and expect that to continue. Suddenly, I have nothing to say about perfume. I'll roll with that while it lasts. Love your sample tagline.

  4. Elisa, great to see you! It's like there's some sacred perfumista code that has been broken...damn inner critic anyway. I love your blog for the very fact that it's always different. Thanks a lot for your encouragement.

  5. I haven't been saying much about perfume either. And, reminiscent of your comment in your post about making perfume, I've been feeling a little bored with just sniffing. Perfume no longer seems to be conjuring up any original thoughts for me, so it's not inspiring creativity. And I don't know enough about perfume to transform the exploration alone into creativity.

    So... that's why I've restarted sewing. Sewing seems like an opportunity for a new kind of creativity, and also a way to dismiss my perception of myself as an ugly and thoroughly despised sixth-grader and embrace.... well, some new perception. And I can blog about both aspects of it. It may well be that perfume was the first step in that new perception, and that it's taken me as far as it can, so I'm ready for the next step.

    OK, I'm doing a lot of rambling about myself on your blog. :) But it was your posts that made me think of much of that. Which, if nothing else, should reassure you that I still love your blog, perfume-reduced and personal and all.

  6. Hi ChickenFreak - so good to hear from you! Love your comment about dismissing a perception of yourself...we all have those old ideas and images that pop up again and again. Glad you're sewing - I'm much to impatient for an activity requiring that level of detail, so I've always been jealous of those who can pull it off. Thanks for reading my blog - your 'rambling' is always welcome!

  7. I like you (and your blog) just the way you are! <3

  8. Hi Frida, thanks for your sweet comment - I'm really glad you feel that way! Of course, as soon as I claim my freedom from writing about perfume, my next post is about perfume...go figure.

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