Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just A Typical Day At Our House

Me:  What stinks?

B-man:  What are you talking about?

Me: Something smells sour. (I sniff all around the kitchen at counter level.)

B-man:  What is it you smell?

Me:  It's the dish rag - that's just nasty.

B-man:  I just put a clean one out and they're 
brand new.

Me:  Well they must stink when they get wet, 'cause 
it's gross.

B-man: (Picks up the dish rag, smells it and shrugs)

Me: Sorry I'm so weird about smells.

B-man:  You're a  freak with that nose.


Me:  Wow, I am, aren't I?

B-man:  Yeah, but it's fun.

That's why we've been together 24 years.

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  1. Good recovery by the B-man!

    I don't think your nose is being very freakish at all. My sister had some dish cloths that were exactly as you describe -- brand new, but disgusting when wet. I think this happens less with cottons from the US and Mexico than with more recent ones from India and Bangladesh. It's too bad because they were pretty and had a nice feel.

    -- Lindaloo

  2. Josephine, I think Lindaloo may be right and I also think that all of us who spend so much time smelling hundreds of perfume samples suddenly get to be veeery, veeery picky about scents in our mundane world. I'm terrible when it comes to household cleaners, laundry detergent and shampoo: very few suit my cultivated (LOL) sense of smell. :-)

  3. Hi Lindaloo - yes, it was a good recovery! Thanks for the info about dish cloths because the ones we just got are driving me crazy. Off to find others!

  4. Suzanne, you are exactly right! I've gotten more picky about all smells in my life - and somehow feel entitled to do so. I have no qualms about standing in the store and smelling absolutely everything before thinking about buying it. Especially toilet items like shampoo, deodorant, body wash...all of it.

    I say embrace your inner freakness!

  5. Bwah-hah-ha!

    What a funny slice of domestic life!!

    You're B-man's a little quicker on the draw than mine. His favorite way of conveying something smells is by saying: "Something's gone bad in the fridge." That is hubby-speak for "I want you to clean out the refrigerator."

    P.S. Did your blog used to have another name? I couldn't find you right away... I had to go through ScentSelf's blog-- I now have you up on my roster... I've been away, so I'm behind on all my goodhouse blogkeeping...

  6. Hi Left Coast Nose - great to see you again!

    My husband puts up with all sorts of 'what smells weird' moments from me. I think he appreciates it and finds it a bit high maintenance at the same time.

    My blog name has not changed since the beginning, but it's certainly nice that you're back! Thanks for commenting.



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