Monday, September 10, 2012

Divine and Odd, Montale Is The One

Still no birthday perfume - I'm enjoying obsessing a little too much.  I mean I'm really into it, researching perfumes, reading reviews and ordering samples until I have to stop and drink wine just to remember the rest of the world.

But one decision has been made: My birthday perfume will be a Montale.

One of the things I love most about Montale perfumes is that they seem to be dearly loved or seriously despised.  I happen to love them dearly, as they represent everything French and multi-cultural and over the top bold.  I haven't been to France, but my sister has, so I'm only one degree removed.  Plus, my heritage is French, and I speak a little French.  Like, eight words, but still. 

No one can deny that Pierre Montale has done something extraordinary by capturing a theme and perfuming the hell out of it.  In my world, aoud belongs to Montale.

Yesterday, I ordered eleven Montale samples.  You know, the good ones, in the black Montale cardboard thingies.  I feel the need to explore the line more deeply before choosing my perfume and telling Inner Farm Girl to kiss it.  B-man said, 'by the time you're done buying samples, you certainly could have bought a bottle of Montale.'  In my defense, one order was a 'seven samples for $10' deal, where I get a certificate for $10 off a Montale perfume whenever I end up buying it.  Just as soon as I'm done obsessing. 

Black Aoud and White Aoud already live with me, and honestly, I like them best worn together, forming my own special concoction, which I call Grey Goose.  No, wait, that's vodka.  Whatever.  Montale perfumes can be layered all over the place to amp up or tone down certain notes, or to add a completely new element.  In terms of quality, sillage and lasting power, few others compare.

And in the category of 'divine oddness?'  Montale stands alone. 

What perfume house speaks to you? 

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