Thursday, September 20, 2012

Montale Aoud Damascus...Oh My God

Aoud Damascus gave me the moment I've been waiting for - the OMG moment.  I knew it might be the one just by smelling the closed sample.  Montale perfumes are like that, you know.  You can get the essence of them before the container is even opened. On my skin, Aoud Damascus is amazing.

This didn't happen with my other Montale samples, even though I appreciated many of them.  Especially Roses Musk.  When B-man first smelled Roses Musk, he said, 'it's really nice, and it has a hint of what you call vajayjay.'  Huh, all this time, I thought it was a fruity, raspberry rose.  I'll consider Roses Musk again in the spring because it's peppy that way, and because it gives me a perverse buzz to think of showing up at the office smelling like rose and...well, hmm-hmm. 

I wanted my birthday perfume to be a sophisticated rose that doesn't move into spicy or powdery territory.  Aoud Damascus is exactly that with leather, incense and the perfect amount of aoud. Something about it reminds me of riding the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.

Doesn't get much better than that.

Aoud Damascus is as perfect on my skin as anything I have smelled since Borneo 1834 in the winter of 2009.  And now, it is mine.

Happy Birthday, Daphne.

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  1. My DH and I both LOVE Borneo, so we're going to have to seek this one out. I like Montale's Aoud Lime very much, but not so crazy about their super fruity/floral ouds.

  2. Hi Marla - I'm loving Aoud Damascus, but I don't smell it on me at the end of the day like I do black aoud and white aoud. That's annoying me a little, but it is full on beautiful for five hours minimum. I don't actually wear Borneo any more, as it was the perfume I wore during my mother's decline and death. I smell it from time to time, but can't quite bear to put it on again. That era has passed, but my memories of Borneo remain, and it will always be one of the great perfume loves of my life.



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