Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Glimpse Inside My Perfume Obsessed Morning

A clip from this morning's conversation over coffee:

Me:  Wow, the 20% off coupon I got for my birthday from one of my perfume sites still works!

B-man: Good, are you going to order something?

Me: I'm thinking of ordering L'Agent perfume while I'm still testing my Montale samples, but I have a dilemma.

B-man lowers the newspaper and turns toward me.

Me: If I spend just another $16.36, I get free shipping.

B-man: How much is shipping?

Me:  I don't to ten bucks, I guess.  Maybe I'll look through the clearance section for something else to order around $20.

B-man:  You're not going to find anything decent for $20. Why don't you order a second perfume that you actually like and will wear, even if it's a replacement perfume?

Me: But then I'll spend as much as a full bottle of Montale and will have blown my birthday perfume allowance.

B-man:  Says who?

Me:  Who do you think?  Inner Farm Girl.

B-man: Look, I'd much rather you spend more money on really good perfumes than end up with a bunch of cheap stuff you don't wear and then give away.

Me:  But how can I justify buying a Montale if I end up loving one of the samples I'm testing in the meantime?

B-man: decided not to go to Sniffapalooza this year, which would have cost a lot more than a few nice perfumes, right?

Me:  Hmmm, true.  Plus, I decided to stay home and cook today instead of going shopping and spending money on frivolous stuff.

B-man:  That's right.

Me:  So really, I'll be dollars ahead if I simply buy perfumes online today.

B-man:  My thoughts exactly.

Me:  But what the hell is going to be my second perfume to get the free shipping?

B-man: Now, you're on your own.

Me: At least I know how I'll be spending my day.

Just one more reason I love the B-man.

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