Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why No Birthday Perfume? Meet Inner Farm Girl

I always thought Inner Critic was the biggest pain in the ass I could imagine.  Now, I'm not so sure.

After a long weekend of full-on perfume obsession, my cheap alter ego, Inner Farm Girl, won out.  Again.  Just once, I want to look for a new perfume without the constant fear of cheaping out, the regret of having cheaped out and the pain of telling B-man that yup, I cheaped out when he asks which perfume I chose.  So this year, I went into my annual search telling myself that things were different.  That I was different.

My perfume journey went something like this:

Frapin 1697: I first cheaped out on this perfume in Seattle a couple of months ago even though it made me swoon on the paper strip.  Now, by God, I was going to get a sample, try it on my skin and place the order while I was still twirling.  Except on my skin, 1697 was like, 'pfft.'  WTF?

The Different Company Rose Poivree:  Yeah, fine, whatever.

LeLabo Iris 39:  Elementary school substitute teacher.

Le Labo Vetiver 46: Meh, I've sniffed better.  And why do so many Le Labo perfumes smell like some variation of their only masterpiece, Rose 31?  So why don't I just get Rose 31?!  Inner Farm Girl, that's why.

L'artisan Voleur De Rose: Boring and vanishes in under 10 minutes.

Montale Roses Musk: Now there's a sneaky little beauty that is subtle but has amazing lasting power.  However, it has almost no sillage.  That, or I had burned Daphne out by the time I tested this one, which is entirely possible.

Montale Amber & Spices: Cumin monster.

Bottega Veneta: Like Bandit, it just made me feel pissed off.

Ineke Field Notes From Paris:  Love, love, loved it for the first hour.  Then the spicy factor started hurting my nose. 

Keihl's Musk:  We got a new Keihl's boutique in our city and yesterday, when I happened on it, I thought, 'it's a sign from God!'  B-man said, 'smells like burnt wood.'  It started bugging me.

L'Eau de Chloe: There's like...nothing there.

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur: I've never actually sniffed this, but want to order it anyway.  Besides, it's cheaper than the others.  See?  I'm doing it again.

Yesterday, B-man and I stopped in Park City and I went to my favorite perfume store where I bought a small bottle of...Calyx.  I had to buy something or I was not going to be able to sleep.  Inner Farm Girl didn't exactly approve, but at 42 bucks, she simply shrugged and walked away.  I don't consider Calyx my birthday perfume, but it will get me through the obsession withdrawal until I regroup, give Daphne a rest and revisit the topic.

This is so not over.

Image from artchive.com


  1. Go get Rose 31. LuckyScent has it in stock. Grab the credit card, go to the website, order. Go get it!

    And, happy birthday.

  2. ChickenFreak, you have given me exactly the advice I would give anyone else. I started to order Rose 31 and then stopped in mid-process, realizing I wasn't quite done obsessing yet. Thanks for your birthday wishes!

  3. At last, someone who had the same reaction to Bottega Veneta that I did! I was sent a bunch of samples, and wore it several times. I could see why people were going nutty for it and why it won so many prizes. Yes, it's a good perfume, yes, it's not a fruitchouli. But it bugged me. I'd catch a whiff from my wrist and feel...annoyed! I ended up scrubbing each time. I still don't know why I found it so pesty....

  4. Hi Marla - yay, perfume soul mates! After my initial sampling of BV, I did end up wearing it one day. My husband commented on it right away, saying it was nice and not overwhelming. That's about as enthusiastic as I can be about it, too. Started out better than it dried down...felt a little 'old lady' at that point, although I'm not sure I can accurately describe old lady. Perhaps just ordinary. Made me cranky and confirmed that BV will not end up in my collection.



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