Sunday, December 16, 2012

Daphne's a Freak

My nose, Daphne, is a freak - I already know this.  It's not that she is so precise when it comes to perfume (although I have my moments), but more that I experience life through smell.  It's the sense that leads me.

Today, B-man and I decide to get out of the house and go to our favorite Costco just to wander around and see what cool things are out for the holidays.  We're pretty easy to entertain.  In the car, B-man points to a subtle stain on my off-white, fleece jacket and says, 'huh, what is that?'  I haven't worn this particular jacket since early spring, so the stain has been there for awhile.  'Wow, I have no idea,' I say.  Then I lift up the corner of my jacket and smell it. 'Oh, that's olive oil.'

Tonight, we're hanging out on Big Red, drinking champagne and chatting about all sorts of topics, both meaningful and frivolous.  Then, out of the blue:

B-man: I can't believe you smelled the stain - which must be almost a year old - and knew right away that it was olive oil.  I'm not sure whether to be upset because your nose is better than mine or scared about everything you can really smell.

Me: Or incredibly impressed.

B-man: Let's go with incredibly impressed.

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  1. Wow, I am impressed that you smelled the stain too. That would not have occurred to me. (Oil stains are the worst.)

    1. Hi Elisa - I'm confident you would have known the stain was in the oil family, even if you didn't guess extra virgin. Whether or not you would have been geekish enough to smell it is another matter.



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