Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Don't You Blog About That?

Have you noticed that once you start a blog, people around you comment on topics, pictures, and most of all, frequency of posts.  Like once you start, you better keep a consistent pace or you will be a huge disappointment to everyone that graces your blog with their presence. This is mildly annoying, but also flattering, because if people want you to blog more, it must mean they like reading what you have to say, right?  That's my theory and I'm going with it.

But sometimes, I don't feel compelled to write about perfume, my work, or anything in my life.  I just want to TAKE A BREAK.  In dating and in blogging, apparently, this is a cardinal sin.  How could you get us all revved up then just...stop writing?  Stuff's happening, I just don't feel the need to share it. 

My dad is King Prodder.  Sometimes, I get all defensive and say, 'look, I'm just not into it right now,' then end up writing a post anyway.   Or I say, 'look, I didn't blog because you prodded me into it.'  And he says, 'maybe not, but it worked.'

He gets all smug.

Sunday, Dad and I had a great conversation about a lot of different things.  At one point, we talked about my brother's current trip to Canada and I began ranting about the anxiety of plane de-icing.  Will they notice the ice on the wing?  Will they put enough de-icing solution on the plane?  And how long are we going to sit here on the runway, waiting for the plane to ice up again?  Jesus, get this thing in the air!

Guess what he said?  'Maybe you should blog about that.'

As you can see, I'm not blogging about that (well, I guess I just did), because I am obsessed with the seven inexpensive - but cool - perfumes I ordered that were delivered today.  The perfumes that I tested while sitting on the Smellie Room floor, along with my computer and a glass of wine.

B-man stuck his head in the door with that look that a parent has while watching his child play with building blocks, smiling as if it's the most charming scene on earth.  I chatted with him for a minute and told him about the unexpected treasures I found before waving him on, lost in my perfume exploration.

'Wow,' he said, 'you should blog about that.'

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  2. I loved this post - and can relate to the concerns about blog posting frequency, having been very "spotty" myself of late. But life took over, and I thought what will be will be in terms of reader fall out / waters closing over head etc.

    Must say I have never been particularly concerned about de-icing practices, but we don't get as much ice as you, I guess. : - )

    Love the image of you as a kid with building blocks - that is charming indeed, and we fumeheads have all been there!

    1. Vanessa, how great to see you! Yes, I've been a slacker when it comes to blogging, but as you say, life has taken over. I could write an entire post about de-icing...but why? Hoping to find my blogging urge again when I take a good long time off soon. Thanks for stopping by.



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