Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What Perfume Captured Christmas For You?

Just by accident, we ended up doing Christmas right this year.  So many years come and go and I second guess what I could have, would have and should have done had I thought it through a bit more.  But not this year.  For whatever reason, this year was just right.

Knowing I'd be cooking our traditional Christmas brunch of waffles, scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon and sausage (while mimosas flowed freely), I wanted a perfume that blends well with any kind of food.  Plus, it had to mirror the smells of the season; delicate spices, a burning fireplace and early morning coffee. know, sweaty pirate adventures. 

My choice?  L'Artisan L'Eau du Navigateur.  It, too, was just right.

What was your Christmas perfume?  And why?

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  1. Hello Josephine! I wore Tauer's Une Rose Vermeille because it reminds me of thick red velvet and thick red velvet means the holidays to me for some reason!

    Glad you and B-man had a great day!

  2. I wore Big Top Train from DarlingClandestine! Spicy, nutty and creamy, very much a holiday scent! <3

    1. Hi, Naja I have never heard of the perfume you mention, so I had to google it first...sounds like an interesting line. Now, I'll have to do a little research - hope you're enjoying the holidays!

    2. DarlingClandestine is fab! Good quality, mostly natural, unique scents and very affordable! :) Happy Holidays!!

  3. Carol, hi! Tauer's URV sounds amazing and just like Christmas. I have a hard time with Tauer perfumes in general(the drydown always gets weird), but may need to try this one. Hope you enjoyed!



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