Friday, December 28, 2012

Perfume I Tried To Love: L'Agent by Agent Provocateur

Before purchasing L'Agent by Agent Provocateur, I was certain it would be a new perfume love.  I obsessed for weeks and bought it unsniffed after reading all that I could and predicting how the top, heart and base notes would work on my skin. Typically, I love dark rose perfumes, and according to Katie Puckrik, it contains one of my favorite notes at the base: leather.  In fact, all Katie can talk about is the leather, leather, leather! 

Love you, Katie, but leather my ass.  

In all of the reviews that raved about L'Agent, WHY DID NO ONE MENTION THE CINNAMON?  I'm talking nose burning, drown-out-every-other-note cinnamon.

This threw me because cinnamon is not listed anywhere in the official notes of the perfume.  But Daphpne knows it's there.  I realize that skin chemistry might contribute to this reality, and I admit to developing a recent aversion to cinnamon in perfume because it's so wrong.  But even on a paper scent strip, L'Agent is a cinnamon monster. 

Like a good perfumista, I don't give up easily.  I've tried layering L'Agent with everything under the sun to tone down the intense spiciness.  At one point, I even thought L'Agent and Muscs Koublai Khan could work as a dirty rose team.  And they did...right up until the cinnamon burned through MKK like an acid spill on my favorite t-shirt.

Balenciaga Rumba is absolutely wimpy compared to L'Agent.

Here's my question:  Of all the ingredients that are now officially banned from perfume, why the hell isn't cinnamon one of them?

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  1. I had to pull out my decant and I'm doing a sniff test. This is my least fav of the APs I own, but not because of the cinnamon Daphne detects. I'm not sure I get cinnamon - but I'll keep spraying and sniffing!

    1. Hi Carol - I don't know why L'Agent is totally cinnamon to me, but it's certainly annoying. Love the original AP and would like to try others...but will definitely sniff them first. I'd be interested in your final conclusion!



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