Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cuir Ottoman - Posing as Leather

The first few minutes of Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire are everything I've always wanted in a perfume.  Leathery, oily and dirty.  

Hot biker in a bottle.

Make sure you enjoy that phase, because the heart notes bring on the sinking feeling of getting on a bus and realizing that you left your wallet at home.   

No, go back!  Go back!

But there's no going back and you won't be buying lunch today or smelling any leather in this perfume until the next time you put it on.  Now that the mundane jasmine and fern are here, you might as well stop whining.

Just sit your ass down and think about what you did.

I'm trying not to swear on my blog, but it's not always easy.  Especially when sexy top notes seduce you by talking dirty, then roll over and go to sleep.  


  1. HA! I laughed out loud at this post! The failed leather lover, what a shame!!!!!

    maybe you'll find the real nasty one soon, now that you're 'hot' on the trail, so to speak.

  2. Hi LBV and BF - thanks for the comments!



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