Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Paige!

Paige at 7 weeks old

Paige was born two years ago today.  B-man fell in love with her at first sight and chose her from a litter of five.  I will never forget the memory of him holding this little 5-pound puppy to his chest.  

We both knew she was The One.

Paige has definitely upped the goofy factor in our life.

Sleeping on her head
Sharing a laugh with Mom now that she's all grown up
Fortunately, we love goofy.

Happy Birthday, Girlie!

Pictures my own


  1. Happy birthday, Paige you little heart-melter you!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful thing! Paige is super lovely!

  3. Paige is just about as adorable as puppies get! I know you and B-man love is one of the reason I love you both!

  4. Oh my gosh. That puppy pic is TOO cute.

  5. Very cute Josephine. Nice to see a pic of you relaxing with her too.

  6. Happy Birthday, Paige! Though not a dog lover myself, that is a photogenic collie.

    6th was Mr Bonkers' birthday too - he was a whole 50 years older than Paige... : - )

  7. Thanks you all for your warm wishes for Paige's birthday! She is a funny little thing and brings us a lot of joy.

    Vanessa, wish Mr. Bonkers a Happy Birthday as well!



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