Sunday, January 23, 2011

Perfume Soaked, Reality TV Weekend

Right now, I'm on the bed with Paige, lounging in my weekend (and weeknight) uniform of sweat pants, a cami and a sweatshirt over it.  With the collar cut out.

Collars on sweatshirts make me feel like I'm choking.

Paige is making little snorting noises while she sleeps.

Earlier today, she and I went on a walk and we both gave out at about the three mile point.  

My hips were killing me (now that'll make you feel old), and Paige started walking at a snail's pace.  We were almost a mile from home, but we made it.

Pathetic as we were.

Last night, hanging out with B-man, I made plans to run around today and do some shopping (for god knows what) while he watched football.

This morning, I couldn't, for the life of me, remember why I wanted to go anywhere.

So instead, after our walk, Paige and I assumed our position on the bed and watched three back-to-back episodes of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.'

For realsies.  Paige wanted to.

And all the while, I sampled perfume. 

Since receiving the L'Artisans from Chelie, and my own order of incense perfume samples, I have gone ape shit crazy, plain and simple.  

Different perfumes are dabbed all over my body and I have sniffed until my nose and my 'smellie mind' is maxed out.  That's not easy to do.

You know this has happened, however, when suddenly, you hate them all.

To top it off, I said 'no wine on Sunday' because I have a 7:00 meeting tomorrow morning and need to be chipper.  So absolutely no drinking tonight.

But wait...I just remembered that this time next week, we'll be looking February square in the face.  

If that doesn't merit a glass of champagne, I don't know what does.

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  1. First of all, my grandmother altered the collars of every single sweatshirt she owned. She was the person who best understood why I could wear a mock turtleneck, but not a traditional one.

    Second of all, I have had plenty of occasions where sampling ramped up to a fever pitch (with plenty of [scented] patches at once), all to be brought to a dramatic conclusion and hiatus. Over stimulus happens. (Though, in my case, I sometimes wonder if I don't sense I am approaching an intolerant period, and am binge sniffing beforehand...)

    Third of all, for all of my wacky guilty pleasures, "Real Housewives" is not one of them. Will check back to see if I can catch up on that aspect of pop culture via a Josephine post. ;)

    Ready to pop some bubbly with you come February 1st...

  2. "...when suddenly, you hate them all."

    That's when remorse sets in. A sample of my Inner Dialogue:

    "Why did I spend all this money? I don't like any of them. That's it! I'm not buying anything else for...Ooooh what's that smell? Oh that smells good! I am so happy I bought these!

    The cycle begins and ends and begins...

  3. Well I've been netflixing all (!) season of Sex & the City, a show I previously did not even like. I don't know what came upon me.
    Wishing you an easy week.

  4. ScentScelf, hello! Your grandmother was brilliant, of course. I have come to wear turtlenecks occasionally, but with very strict rules: fitted but not 'chokey,' very soft fabric and only for brief periods of time.

    I haven't overdone it in the sniffing department for a very long time. My nose thinks it can go head-to-head with anyone...for hours. I'm still not over the fact that I couldn't get a Messe de Minuit sample with my original order. Because I don't have it, I'm convinced it's the only one I will ever truly love...god help me.

    'Real Housewives?' Tip of the iceberg, baby. 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,' 'The Dog Whisperer,' and, when Paige insists, 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.'

    Stay tuned for more pop culture gems.

  5. Marina, thanks for outing yourself as a 'Sex In The City' junkie, at least for the time being!

    I say enjoy yourself. If you're like me, another phase will take its place soon enough.

    Easy week wishes to you, too.

  6. JoanElaine, my Inner Critic must be in cahoots with your Inner Dialogue, because I get the same tongue lashing here, too.

    Today, my nose is simply rebelling and I will give myself a short break before resuming my search for the Perfect Incense Perfume.

    No pressure, of course.

    Hopefully, a new love will emerge when I am ready to return to my samples. Like the nerdy guy in high school who turned out to be the hot one later. Anything could happen.

  7. "Maxing out your 'smellie mind'" - I can completely relate to this, and how you suddenly ruin all the perfumes tested on that day by overdosing this way.

    I can also relate to the breaking of the Sunday night resolution not to drink, though I did manage it this week!

  8. Hi Vanessa - miraculously, so did I! As I've told my husband, 'on Sunday night, I never regret not drinking.

    It's taken me until today (Tuesday) to feel like smelling perfume again. Fortunately, my nose is resilient, and I am back to the hot pursuit of the next FB trophy.

    Thanks for your comment - always great to hear from you!

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