Friday, January 28, 2011

Ode to Piment Brulant by L'Artisan

Mole Poblano
Cheese Whiz on Celery
Butcher Paper
Johnson's Baby Lotion
Red Brick
Orange Zest
Hot Sidewalk

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  1. I've never smelled this one, Josephine, but your mention of mole poblano is quite an enticement! Actually, most of the other things you mention are too. :-)

  2. Josephine, I haven' tried this either, but for some reason your phrases 'red brick' and 'cheese whiz on celery' give me a good idea what this might smell like. Is it good by the way? L'Artisan is very hit-or-miss for me.

  3. OMG, I *have* smelled (and have) this one, and I am totally cracking up at "Cheez Whiz on celery"!!! Now it'll be at least two wearings before I get that out of my head.'s kinda true. At least, in the way that smell/taste would hang/adhere in your nose.

    And yes, the mole poblano. Aw, heck...I think I'll spritz some tonight. I could use a fun snack. :)

  4. Hi Suzanne - I think you might like this. It was a pleasant surprise to me. I can see it working well in cool and warm weather. Check it out!

  5. Michael, I do like this. Actually, the hot pepper and dark chocolate notes are more prominent that the others, especially through the top and heart notes. Piment Brulant is very enjoyable - warm and cool at the same time. Not a powerhouse of sillage, but clings nicely to my skin. I'd be interested to know your opinion!

  6. Hi ScentScelf - this one pleasantly surprised me. Foody in a way, but not exactly gourmand. The hot concrete earthiness rescues Piment Brulant from what could be annoying sweetness. I can imagine enjoying PB a great deal in late Spring/early Summer. Makes me feel 'peppy.'

  7. One of my faves...Agree with all lines, the only one I don't smell when I wear it is baby lotion. But will look for it in PB next time I wear it.



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