Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Incense Perfume Update: Complacency or Indecision?

You remember my desperate quest for the perfect incense perfume?  

Yeah, I'm over it.  For now, anyway.

My incense samples are strewn carelessly on the desk in the office, but I swear I will pick them up soon.  

Any day now.  

I mean it.

Maybe it was the Encens Flamboyant/Comet fiasco that took the wind out of my sails.  Or maybe I just lost interest, like getting half way through a boring book and thinking, 'why the hell am I even reading this?'

Although I suspect it's just another case of 'what mayonnaise really IS the best?'  

Picture this: B-man stands to one side of the aisle at the grocery store, patiently waiting, smiling at me when I look at him in humiliation because mayonnaise has become the biggest decision of my life.

And I am stumped.

However, I did manage to place a perfume order (15% off - and a free gift - gets me every time):

Eau de Merveilles  (wore it today - beautiful!)
Cuir de Lancome  (think I'm going to love this one)
Belle En Rykiel ( a bit sweet, but nice enough)

Incense shmincense.

I'll get back to it...any day now.

Image from alfredsanford.com


  1. Cardinal! Cardinal!

    OK, I'm just cranky because I chose my incense, and now I've forbidden myself to buy it. Hmph.

  2. Josephine - oh dear. I hope you get back into the incense groove. It's one of my favourite genres and I love almost anything incensey. As ChickenFreak states, you could do a lot worse than Cardinal. Have you ever tried Padparadscha by Satellite? That's a peppery, clove and incense combo. Don't know if that would appeal...

  3. ChickenFreak - thanks for the subtle suggestion! :)

    You should definitely allow yourself a bottle of Cardinal - especially if you have identified it as THE incense for you.

    Do it! Do it!

  4. Hi Michael, I've fallen off the 'incense horse' but have no doubt I will get back on soon. I have not tried Padparadscha but will add it to my list.

    Honestly, I just haven't found anything quite dark and weird enough yet. Still must try Messe de Minuit, as I believe the elements that others find off-putting may be exactly what I'm looking for.

  5. Aw, heck. Cuir de Lancome is worth getting diverted over.

    As for the brief foray in...don't you think some explorations are that way? A series of brief dashes, too strong immersions, and long times in between with no visits at all? You'll eventually find your way to a spot where you realize you've formed some, erm, incensed opinion.

    You know, I need to go back to Messe de Minuit. I really didn't get sebum. Though if you did, maybe that would, as you say, be the "off putting" element you seek.

  6. Recently, I went to The Perfumed Court and my shopping cart was full of things I had put in there months ago, but now I couldn't remember why I wanted them. I deleted them all and started from scratch. That's why it's my hobby and not a vocation.

  7. I feel ya - I'm totally over trying to find a ginger perfume!

  8. Yay, Cuir de Lancome! It's one of my favorites. and Belle en Rykiel, while not as special, is very yummy and comforting on cold/rainy days.

  9. Eau de Merveilles, Cuir de Lancome,
    Belle En Rykiel... Three of my favorites! I love all of the "Merveilles" scents. And Cuir de Lancome is easy to lose oneself in. Belle en Rykiel is a sentimental favorite and a decent everyday, non-challenging, people-friendly scent. Excellent choices!

  10. *jen, The Merveilles are really lovely - that Hermes line is pulling me in hook line and sinker!

  11. Hi ScentScelf, thanks for your confidence that I will eventually form an 'incensed opinion.' The process doesn't appear to be something I can force.

    Plus, you already know about my embarrassingly short attention span...

    Cuir de Lancome and I will play together tonight - our first real date.

    Messe de Minuit lives in my mind as the great hope of my incense future, making me almost reluctant to actually smell it and risk killing the dream.

    Like what happened with Lyric Woman.

    But the quest is not over.

  12. kjanicki, good to hear from you! I have done exactly the same thing - many times. This makes me wonder if I am 1) placing orders out of boredom, 2)simply fickle or 3)lacking the stick-to-it required to actually place the order.

    Either way, I won't lose much sleep over it.

    Orders will eventually be placed.

  13. Hi Frida - dig the new picture! Glad to know I'm not alone in life quest interruption!

  14. Elisa, thanks for your endorsement of Cuir de Lancome, as I bought it unsniffed. Belle I can imagine on a day just as you suggest; rainy, chilly...Londony.

  15. *jen, hi! I'm glad that you have enjoyed these perfumes and I'm excited to get to know all of them better. Thanks for your comment!

  16. Frida - I love many of the Hermes perfumes and I absolutely love Ellena (I believe you and I share this crush).

  17. Eau de Merveilles is just great! I tried the other day Orange Sanguine and think I will have to get a bottle. I can say my favorite perfume is Shalimar, and Habanita and Tabac Blond but i always have this thing about eau de cologne, i never seem to really have found the right one for me, yes like mayonaise, but orange sanguine reminds me of eau d'hermes only that with orange sanguine i have the feeling of having crushed in my hand many orange leaves after the rain. I have two samples, one has been stolen by my brothe, amen. The othe one has finished today.

  18. Another thumbs up for Cuir de Lancome - a wobbly top special in T K Maxx no less!

    I do so relate to you about the in-store mayonnaise dithering. When you start reading the small print of packets - if you still can, that is, for if you are anything like me, you will have failing eyesight of every flavour! - it is a slippery slope to the twin pits of insanity and inertia.

  19. Hi Vintage Lady - glad you found Orange Sanguine and hope you get a full bottle soon! You're right, it can take time to find the right one, whether it's mayonnaise or perfume. Enjoy!

  20. Hi Vanessa - my Cuir de Lancome has a wobbly top, too! I'm going to assume it's a new luxury feature...

    My eyesight is shot and I'm constantly looking for the 'right' pair of glasses. Must take reading glasses to the grocery store because I'm a label reading geek, especially on expiration dates!

    'The twin pit bulls of insanity and inertia.' Love that!

  21. Hey, the cap on my bottle of CdL is messed up too! What up with that.

  22. Oh, my CdL top is wobbly, too. Both "the" bottle and "the back up bottle." Funny you guys bring this up, as I purchased the back-up bottle half thinking that if the top on that one fit properly, I'd return the first one, under the theory it had been tampered with.

    I decided it hadn't, obviously. Also now revealed, the fact that I pretty quickly fell for CdL. I don't have full bottles of much, let alone back up bottles. (Helped that it was being dumped by retailers onto the secondary market at the time I purchased...bargain!)

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