Saturday, February 19, 2011

To My Dad On His Birthday

Dad on the deck last summer

 Dear Dad,

It's been quite a year for our family, and especially for you.  At times, watching you walk through your grief has been excruciating. 

At other times, you have inspired me.

But whether you were devastated by grief or texting over coffee for a little smart-ass session, I could count on you to be consistently, and authentically, my dad.

Thank you for that.

Today, I'm thinking about the many ways we are alike:

*  We're anti-perfectionists, but persnickety about random things.

*  We hate cooked, whole raisins.  You're right, they do feel like bugs.

*  We have sensitive noses and feel cocky when we can smell things that escape others.

*  We think people should live their lives however they want. 

*  We're agnostics.  Whatever.

*  We're morning people.  Thanks for not calling me after 8:00 p.m.

*  We're fashion dolts.  You're worse, but just barely.

*  We like to laugh even when we're sad.

*  We're pragmatic to a fault.

*  We both enjoy a glass of Monkey Bay.

You called me after our most recent visit just to share a couple of memories that had popped into your mind.  

Like the time when I was little and I held my breath crying and passed out cold. 

Actually, I did that a lot...little drama queen.

This particular time, you remember being alarmed and carrying me to the sink to splash cold water on my face.  You told me about the relief you felt when I woke up and you realized I was okay.

You also asked me if I remember how you used to take me places with you and carry me everywhere as a little girl.  You said I was your 'lucky charm.'

Do I remember?

Those days are the highlight of my childhood that I could never forget and I will cherish them always.

And I still love you that much.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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  1. Wonderful! (I have tears in my eyes) :)
    Happy birthday to your father.



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