Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome To Martini Monday

Stressful day at work.

It's a blizzard outside.

The house is warm and so is B-man.

Inner Critic isn't happy with drinking on Monday.

Inner Critic is never happy.

Inner Critic can kiss my 'whatzit' (borrowing a word from Michael at Perfume Patter...)

Scent of the Day: Montale's White Aoud

Scent of the Evening: Serge Lutens' Fumerie Turque

Daphne is really happy. 

And, now, so am I.

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  1. Josephine, maybe I have a problem, but I've never had an issue with having a drink on a Monday night. In fact, it's a prerequisite! Fumerie Turque sounds like a great one to wind down with on a Monday evening. We don't find it easily here in the UK anymore. I think I actually prefer it to Chergui.

  2. Hi Michael, here's my problem - I set stupid rules for myself and then break them as soon as possible. Hence Inner Critic's involvement.

    I also prefer Fumerie Turque to Chergui, as Chergui is sweet and a bit cloying on me. FT has just enough smoke to keep it interesting.

  3. Aha! Two pairs of glasses!! :)

    Really must now try Fumerie Turque. I am a Chergui fan, but there are days I will steer away from it thinking maybe it will end up being just a bit much, for the reasons you don't do it at all. Smoke, eh?

    Which reminds me...I like the smoke I find in the scotch I'll drink every now and then...cheers.

  4. Josephine I have my inner critic too. He/she/it manifests itself in some very strange ways on occasion. That's when I usually try to say: "sod it..."

    Chergui, as much as I like it, can be, as you say, a bit cloying. I have to be in the right sort of mood to wear it.

  5. ScentScelf - hi! Unlike me, good eye! OMG, glasses can be found all over the house - and never the right ones...

    I think you might enjoy Fumerie Turque! Would be very interested in knowing your thoughts.

    And yes, there are those moments when nothing else will do but a smoky scotch.

  6. Michael, since I have already adopted 'whatzit,' I will also say 'sod it' next time my Inner Critic gets all self-righteous.

    Thanks for becoming a follower - that makes me happy!

  7. It's a pleasure. In truth, I've been a follower for a long time and always keep tabs on what you're writing about, but have never 'formalised' it!

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