Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sephora Floral Perfume Fest

I've fallen for a floral perfume.

A fruity-floral perfume.

And no, I don't have a fever.

Fruity-florals are So Not Me.  Usually, they just piss 
me off.

But not this time.

Monday, B-man's Droid dies.  Here we are, sucking coffee, and the damn thing quits working.  How are we supposed to go play if he can't call or text me, check his e-mail and download the weather report?

Seriously, how?

Luckily, the 'Droid Place' is located right by my city's new Sephora, so I decide to accompany B-man on this rescue mission.

As I begin playing with perfume, florals are attracting me, although I do get distracted momentarily by Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver.  Hmmm.

After spraying dozens of paper strips, my on-the-skin contestants are:

Calvin Klein Beauty - Eternity light
DKNY Pure - Heavenly's first cousin
Gucci Guilty - Yeah, okay
Tocca Bianca - Citrus, rosy, yummy!

When we get home later (Droid mission successful)
I also apply:

L'Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons - Nice Enough
Lismore by Waterford - Sure, why not?

Drum roll please...Tocca Bianca is the clear winner! 

Ironically, I have steered clear of Tocca perfumes because they are too...precious.

And Bianca is girly as hell, perfect for an outdoor wedding or attending a tea party in the garden wearing a flowered dress, white gloves and kitten heel sandals.

You will never again see me in a flowered dress. 

Shut up, it was just that once.

I'll visit Sephora this weekend to make sure I wasn't in some Droid-worry altered state of mind.

All I know is that, Monday evening, Bianca gave me exactly what I needed.

It made me happy.  

What perfumes have made you happy lately?

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  1. My happy perfume this winter has been Voile de Violette.

    I like fruity florals when they have quirks/body. Today I'm wearing Moschino Couture, an adorable light fruity oriental thing no one ever talks about.

  2. Elisa, we are Moschino soul mates! I love Couture and have been working on a bottle for about two years. I particularly like wearing it in early autumn. Green apples in a cedar barrel. Amazing.

  3. You're kidding!!! No one EVER mentions Couture. I love the tartness of it.

  4. If it's rosy then maybe I should try it too :) Made me happy...Vanille Incensee is consistently making me happy these days.

  5. Hey, ya don't have to apologize for being traditional!

    I wear Eau Premiere. All the time. It really hits the spot.

  6. Hi Marina - Bianca is rosy, but in a subtle, lemony sort of way. Very Spring-y!

  7. Joan, hello! I've played with Eau Premiere but never actually on my skin. Tradition with a twist...

  8. I must have missed this particular Tocca in my sampling of the range. I quite like Cleopatra myself and have the body lotion of Marcello and Florence. Florence is on the sweet side it must be said, and won't be getting used up any time soon.

    The scents that have been making me happy lately are:

    Piguet Calypso
    Puredistance 1
    Labdanum 18
    Atelier Oolang Infini
    OJ Tiare

  9. Vanessa, interesting list of 'happy scents.' I get the feeling we travel in different perfume spheres, because I have not yet tried one of those you have listed. Labdanum 18 is one that I find intriguing.

    Bianca is both sweet and tart and speaks of sunny, green days ahead.



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