Friday, March 25, 2011

Perfumes That Made Me Happy This Week

I'm taking today off...just because, really.

Perhaps my body is making the transition into Spring (it's still rain and snow here), but I've been tired.  

Like, waking up tired.

Hello, morning is my time.

Faced with this 'lurpiness,' I am especially grateful for perfumes that make me feel, if not peppy, then at least pre-Springy.

Cabaret by Gres:  Soapy, just-out-of-the-shower top notes are perfect early in the morning! Through the dry down (and the rest of the day, actually), Cabaret unleashes its jammy, incensey, rosey goodness.  Eight hours later, I am still catching a whiff now and then, which makes me feel kind of...Zen.

Eau du Soir by Sisley:  This perfume could be found smoking outside with Chanel No. 19 if it weren't so damn hopeful.  Eau du Soir is is the essence of chilly, damp days that refuse to round the final corner into Spring.  It's both green and sweet.  And floral in a new rosebud sort of way that piques my optimistic spirit.

Dirt by Demeter:  Not so dirty, really, but it certainly captures the feeling of early Spring.  Fertile ground, new flower starts, rain soaked grass and muddy rocks make this perfume unique and fun.  Plus, you will never smell it on anyone else.  Marc Jacobs Daisy it's not.

Memory and Desire by DSH:  Perhaps the most beautiful composition I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing.  For about ten minutes.  Memory and Desire morphs and fades quickly, leaving just a ghost of its fabulous beginning. 

I've actually considered contacting Dawn to see if she might be able to add a synthetic touch that will keep this perfume's integrity and allow it to linger.  If anyone could pull off this feat, she could.

What pre-Spring perfumes are making you happy?

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  1. Farnesiana...It's season-less for me.

  2. Iris SIlver Mist, Fleurs d'Oranger and Spiritueuse Double Vanille have been making me very happy this week, and so has Boxeuses, although I wouldn't call that one anything like 'spring-y'.

    Dirt is a great Demeter, and one of my favorites! Who says dirt can't make you happy? ;-)

  3. Marina, hello! I have not yet smelled Farnesiana...but would love to. Thanks for sparking my interest!

  4. Hi tarleisio - I can imagine Iris Silver Mist being perfect this time of year! I love Dirt and have used it on occasion as a great layering perfume to either tone down or amp up the appropriate notes.

    I'm hoping for more sunny spring days very soon!

  5. Let me know if you find any sunny spring days to spare! Just as you did, Spring took a day - or two or three - off in my part of the world...And should the sun shine where you are, give ISM a whirl. It's perfection on a cool, sunny day!



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