Monday, March 14, 2011

Daphne's An Annoying Little Princess

You remember Daphne, my nose, right?

Well, she's being rather high maintenance at the moment, fickle and bored with everything.

Except Montale's White Aoud.  

That's all she wants to smell.  Every day.  Like a baby who only eats strained carrots and spits anything else on the high chair tray. 

Yup, just talk to the nostril.

Look, I've tried.  I've offered lots of variety.  Exciting perfume samples have visited in an attempt to pull Daphne out of this funk.  Hell, I've even 'flown' perfume samples and bottles to her nose while making airplane sounds. 

It hasn't worked.  Check it out:

C&S Dark Rose -  'Black Aoud's dimwit cousin.'
La Myrrhe - 'ewww, girly.'
SL's Chene - 'scrubbing bubbles.'
SL's Musc Koublai Khan  - 'yeah, if you like farts.'

That's the other thing: Daphne lacks diplomacy.

But we don't necessarily agree.  For example, I don't find Muscs Koublai Khan 'farty' at all, and it actually wears sexy and mild on my skin.

And La Myrrhe?  Sure, it's kind of girly (a little more myrrh, a little less Chanel, please), but I like the way it dries down to remind me of Aimez Moi by Caron.

Sadly, I do have to agree when it comes to Dark Rose and to Chene.  While it doesn't reach the Comet Cleanser pitch of Encens Flamboyant, I still believe Chene could do a hell of a job on my shower.

Fortunately, I've been down this road with Daphne before.  It's best to just go along and wear White Aoud to the edge of Signature Scentville.

Then, when it's clearly her idea to begin exploring, we'll resume the pursuit once again.

Jeez, what a baby.

photo my own


  1. I would like to sit down and have a little meeting of the minds with Daphne. I'm all about "different strokes for different folks (and appendages)" and all, but really, Chene as shower cleanser? Oh, dear. I do believe Daphne performs a sleight of hand on that one. Or would that be sleight of cilia? Anyway, I'm thinking she just be high maintenance.

    Not that our little talk could change that. But still...Chene...and MKK. That stuff is the stinky guy and the horse he rode in on. I wouldn't even know if either farted, because the other body odor overwhelms.

    What's that you say? My own nose appears to be opinionated? Humph.

  2. Hi ScentScelf - it's true that my nose can be one opinionated little biatch. And fickle and high maintenance. Plus, Encens Flamboyant messed me up for anything that smells remotely...'comety.'

    Honestly, I've been jonesing to sample Chene for months and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Chene doesn't necessarily smell like EF, but I think they might be distant cousins (unlike dimwit cousins) and, after multiple tries, I just can't separate the two.

    Fart shmart, I'm falling for MKK - it's my favorite Serge since Borneo.

  3. LOL I am laughing, this is so cute and funny but I understand it too, my nose can be very picky at times and just does not like certain things.



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