Friday, September 23, 2011

The Dripping Scent Strip

Honestly, I have never seen anything like it.  And you know I've done a lot of perfume shopping.

B-man and I are at Younkers, the only real department store in Mason City, Iowa, when I decide to cruise the perfume counter.  

They have a surprisingly decent selection; Chanel, Dior, could suck a lot worse.  An older woman with gray hair and glasses walks over to help me.  

She asks, 'Do you want to try something?'  Everything is behind a large, glass counter.

'Yes, I'd like to try the Chanel No. 19.'

'Sure,' she says.  Then she takes the perfume bottle and sprays it - point blank - on the smelling strip so the perfume is dripping.  


Thinking it's a fluke, and the reason she sprayed it that way is because something is wrong with that particular bottle, I ask to smell another perfume:  DKNY Pure, the new one with verbena.

To prevent another dripping fiasco, I pick up the strip myself and reach for the perfume.  But she takes the strip out of my hand and sprays it again - yup, point blank - on the paper.

It's dripping.


I can't wait to tell B-man so we can laugh together like teenagers in church making vampire fangs out of paper communion cups.

Not that anything like that has ever happened. 

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  1. Out of curiosity and nothing else, why isn't one supposed to spray directly on the strip (apart from the fact that one will have to wait for the alcohol to evaporate before one smells it)?



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