Monday, September 12, 2011

The Music Man: Watch It With Someone You Love

On Thursday, B-man and I are on our way to his high school class reunion in Mason City, Iowa.  

Home of the Music Man.

We happen to be staying at a newly renovated, historic hotel (the last remaining hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) near Music Man Square.  B-man teases me that alarms will go off if I attempt to enter the hotel without having seen the musical.

I put it off for as long as possible.

For months, I've been gearing up to make the time and sit for almost three hours through the movie.  In my pragmatic brain, the musical will be hokey and boring.  I'll be forced to sneak a shot of gin just to get through it. 

Finally, down to the wire, I suggest watching it together yesterday afternoon.  We settle into our side-by-side recliners downstairs, and B-man starts the recording.

From the first minute, I am in love.  At many points during the movie, I get teary and come face to face with my inner softy.

Come on, who cries during the song, 'Iowa Stubborn?'

So many things about the musical draw me in; the singing, the color, the cast and the wonderful story.  But I am most touched by the beauty of watching this production with the man I love.  

My man from Mason City, Iowa.

Sharing this two and a half hour journey, we touch hands during poignant moments and remember the beginning of our own love affair, when the world came to life.

There was love all around, 
but I never heard it singing.  
No I never heard it at all, 
Till There Was You.

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