Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lush Gorilla Perfume: Different Takes On A Head Shop

My city just opened a huge shopping center downtown, which includes a new Lush boutique.  I decide to pay a quick visit on a break last Thursday.

Walking in, I am put off by the odd, pungent mix of smells and the cheap feeling decor.  All of the soaps and lotions are out for everyone to handle and sniff and stick their grubby fingers in.  Little kids run around, touching things they shouldn't while their mothers yell at them from the other end of the store.

Annoyed but determined, I push through the crowds and find my way over to the perfumes.  They are located on the check-out desk, which adds to the pedestrian, don't-be-stealing-our-shit feel of the place.  I sample almost all of the solid perfumes on various parts of my arms, and enjoy the initial top notes of each.

Then, I wait.

Fifteen minutes later, I have to wash the arm with Imogen Rose and Lust because they are gagging me.  Seriously, nose burning, throat closing aromatic drama.  However, I like Karma, Dirty and Breath of God.  Unfortunately, within thirty minutes, they all smell like a 1970's head shop, along with the others I tried to wash off.  Karma is actually supposed to smell like a head shop and replicates that smell better than any of the others.

So I've heard. 

On the Lush website, I read: Mark and Simon work much like traditional French perfumers would have worked at the dawn of modern perfumery. 

Only if classic French perfumers smoked a lot of weed, which might explain Mitsouko. 

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  1. Josephine, I don't mind the Lush perfumes I've tried so far (I got their sample set, which included all those you mentioned) but I do agree that they do end up being a bit samey.

    What I don't like about Lush is the strength of their soaps and products - I can always tell when I'm near a Lush, as one can smell them from a mile away. I pity anyone who gets headaches from fragrances and goes near a Lush store!

  2. Michael, I'm like you in that I appreciate the idea of the Lush line, but in the end, everything just There is nothing 'lush' about the boutique, that's for sure. Good to see you!

  3. I like Lush. Their henna doesn't work, their salespeople are far too aggressive, their products are overpriced and don't last long but I still go in one every time I see it. Why? Because of the colors. The colors are so much better than the smells.

    That being said Lush Gorilla makes a jasmine solid perfume called Lust that's pretty good.

  4. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

  5. Hi Joan - you're right, the colors are intriguing and I find myself walking into the store almost every time I pass it. Plus, last week I broke down and bought Karma in the solid perfume. Hey, I changed. Unfortunately, Lust was a scrubber on me.

  6. Hi Anonymous

    Nice comment...thanks for stopping by...

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