Monday, July 16, 2012

What Does That Perfume Remind Me Of?

Last week, as I was travelling from one meeting to another, I stopped at Ulta to cruise the 'clearance' shelves.  This is one of my guilty pleasures, and I never know what unexpected treasures will be found.  Like nail polish in weird colors - that I never end up wearing - or lotion and body spray.  Or even discounted hair color that, hey, I might try one day, plus funky lip gloss and eye shadows.

You know, stuff I have to have.

My trips to Ulta always include wandering through the mostly mainstream selection of perfume.  I spray and sniff dozens of scent strips and wonder again if I should buy a purse size spray of Pure by Donna Karan.  On this trip, my nose, Daphne, got stuck on 212 by Carolina Herrera. I've smelled this perfume about a million times before, but decided to spray it on my wrist right before I left the store.

212 is definitely green, but creamy and floral at the same time.  It lasts forever and has considerable sillage.  212 also took me back to a perfume from the past that I couldn't identify. All day I racked my brain...what is it, what is it, what the hell is it?  Daphne got annoyed with my pestering.

Later that night, after I showered and got ready for bed, I took a last sniff of the watch band that had been sprayed with 212.  Suddenly, my perfume from the past came back as clear as day: Elysium by Clarins.

Does anyone else remember Elysium?

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  1. Oh yes I remember Elysium! It was beautiful bespoke fragrance that was very 90s. Now it has long been discontinued and the prices on ebay are into their 100s! Plus there are a lot of bottles out there that have gone bad. Such a shame! I wish they brought it back! 212 smells similar but I would describe it as less woody/warm and more summery.



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