Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Does The Law Of Attraction Have To Do With Perfume?

Not much, really.  Except that yesterday, White Aoud was the perfume I wanted to wear.  Instead, I talked myself out of it and wore Estee Lauder's Knowing.  

With a spritz of Demeter Dirt.  

Daphne, Daphne, Daphne.

This sucked because I was aware, all day, that it wasn't what I wanted.

What doesn't suck is my renewed study of the Law of Attraction.  Well, 'study' isn't exactly right.  'Memory' is a better word.

For those unfamiliar with this concept, the Law of Attraction operates on the theory of physics; that we are all giant magnets drawing everything to us that is vibrating on the same frequency.  

People, things, even life events.

Like attracts like.

According to this theory, our feelings provide the fuel that determines the frequency of our vibrational energy.

While it neither supports - nor contradicts - religious beliefs, the Law of Attraction is the only universal concept that resonates with me and appeals to my pragmatic nature.

Tons of literature exists outlining this principle and teaching about harnessing one's energy, but my favorite read is 'Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting' by Lynn Grabhorn.  It's light, straightforward and fun.

Every time I read it, life gets better.

Do you ever feel that a new, exciting change is coming, but you have no idea what it is? 

Me, too.

In an attempt to raise my creative energy, I'm playing with ideas and letting myself imagine all sorts of things, including our luxury condo in Seattle.

And a private jet to travel back and forth.

It's liberating to dream big.  My energy feels different  - twirly, even - when I do.

While I'm waiting for these new, amazing things to find me, I can fulfill one dream already at my fingertips simply by wearing White Aoud today.

What are you allowing yourself to dream?

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  1. Your cool blog inspires me to pick up Excuse Me again and to resume some of my feeling and attracting activities. Seems like a long time since I tried to vibrate for ME! Thanks for reminding me that dreaming BIG is what it is all about!

  2. "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” CS Lewis

    To be able to quit working full-time, so I can work in the garden, with our flock, and teach art part-time.


  3. I wore the wrong perfume yesterday too. I wanted to wear L de Lolita Lempicka, but decided to try a new sample of Bois de Paradis, which was all wrong for the weather. (I like L in sun & warmth, and BdP was more of a cold weather perfume. Yesterday was bright and springy.) Today, however, I am very happy with my choice.

    I am allowing myself to fantasize about a big move that I'm hoping to put into effect this summer.

  4. My dream is to have my own fashion line.

    That dream isn't going anywhere, whether it actually does or not.

  5. Daphne is being a bit of a diva, isn't she?

    I wore the wrong perfume the other day, too. I had thought to wear Amaranthine the night before, but wasn't quite feeling it in the AM. I put it on anyway, figuring since it's a favorite I'd be happy. Nope. Hours later, it was like a heavy ylang towel draped around me. I added some L'Air du Desert Morocain and the end result was spectacular. The day was saved!

    My dream is to write. But what, I'm not sure... Some dreams are hazy. :)

  6. Hi Mermaid - I'm amazed at the difference it makes when I focus on my own energy and the feelings of having all that I want in life. Little gifts appear through the day and doors open that I never even noticed before. The impact is profound! Looking forward to hanging out soon - thanks for commenting!

  7. Frida, hello! I can envision you doing exactly what you describe - sounds wonderful! I will send you good energy in pursuing your dream. And it's true; we're never to old to dream and dream big!

  8. Hi Elisa - that 'wrong perfume' thing can be annoying; it's one decision that I like to get right. Yesterday's White Aoud was divine. Good luck on your Big Move plans - sounds exciting!

  9. Joan, hello! You should definitely go for it and create your own fashion line. From the very little I know about you (that you are precise, creative and stylish - and smart), all the elements are in place for you to succeed. Sending good energy your way!

  10. Hi *jen - yes, Daphne can be a bit of a diva at times, but we love her anyway (I know you have a soft spot for Daphne, having named her and all...). Love the 'heavy ylang towel' description. You should definitely write!

  11. This is a little bit upstream of your point, but whilst I didn't feel a big exciting change coming, I had my tarot cards read about six months before discovering perfume, and the lady said I would find a new consuming interest that would bring me into contact with new people and in particular, a younger woman. Well, lovethescents and I have been writing almost daily for two and a half years and she is 15 years my junior. And another British fumehead pal I have been on sniffing outings with is 21 years younger! So to answer your question, my own senses may be a bit blunt, but others may be more attuned to pending changes in my life...!

    And as for what I dream, it's a toss up between a holiday in the Caribbean / Maldives and a book deal. Oh and chuck in a really good facial.

  12. Vanessa, I love your tarot card experience! It's so much fun to find female companionship of any age - we all have so much to teach each other.

    Here's hoping that all of the dreams you mention come to pass. You've inspired me to add the 'really good facial' to my own list.



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