Saturday, November 10, 2012

Didn't Your Mamma Teach You Better?

Josephine's Tip-Of-The-Iceberg List of Bad Manners

1.  Not holding the door for the person walking right behind you. 

2.  Grown men rushing the elevator before women with children or the patient in a wheelchair. 

3.  Nurses laughing hysterically at a blind date joke in the intensive care unit. 

4.  Men with nose hair that curls and hangs out of their nostrils. 

5.  Receptionists that finish an e-mail or answer the phone before acknowledging me.

6.  Crowding my space when I'm shopping for clothes and standing so close I can smell your breath.

7.  Cutting your fingernails at your desk. 

8.  Flossing your teeth in the food court.

9.  Taking a crap in the ladies room while reading the newspaper.  No mercy flush.

10.  Men who spit out of their car windows. 

What bad manners drive you crazy?

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  1. Standing in doorways, grocery aisles, and other tight spaces without moving aside for people - who are in your line of vision - trying to get past you.


    Ahem. An increasing number of people seem to be holding sustained conversations in the theater, and to be deeply offended that anyone notices. Even more people seem to assume that any moment that doesn't actually include actor dialogue is a signal to start talking, even if the actors are still, well, acting, just silently.

  2. Hi ChickenFreak - this is exactly why we don't frequent theaters...well, that and they don't have closed caption, which is just unacceptable. Well, that, and because I get pissed off at people talking, or babies crying and it ruins the whole experience, and I hate the movie because it is forever linked with the cluelessness of moviegoers, which just doesn't seem fair. Ahem, indeed.



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