Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Settling In The Day After

Does anyone else feel exhausted when Election Night is over?  It's not that I stay up and watch the news program blather (imagine having to talk about something all night until the results are in), but I do find myself thinking about the candidates and how worn out they must be.  And their wives?  I can envision few things worse than schlepping around the country, smiling up at my man and obsessing over my wardrobe.  Shopping would probably be involved. 

Just shoot me.

Of course, I had my favorite presidential candidate, but of the two front runners, I didn't find either one horrible or wonderful.  Both are smart in their own ways, and enough checks and balances exist that one person has a hard time ruining the country out of sheer stupidity.  George W. proved that.

In the end, it comes down to who I can trust, who says the least embarrassing things and my opinion of who will represent us best to the rest of the world.  Mostly, it's just nice to know the outcome.  Now we can all get back to the business of watching what happens next.  

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