Sunday, November 25, 2012

Luring Perfume Sites

All of my favorite perfume sites had fantastic 'Black Friday' sales.  This messed with my mind because I have almost reached my self-imposed annual budget.  According to Inner Farm Girl, that is.  And even she was being generous.

So I thought and researched and read reviews and walked the streets of my new downtown shopping center.  Then, I endured the annoyance of the Nordstrom sales associate who kept saying, 'we're carrying Bond No. 9 now!'   I'm not enamored with the Bond line - they all have the same drydown - but I tried to be polite. 

'Oh,' I said.  Shut up, it's the best I could muster.

In the end, I ordered Serge Lutens' Muscs Koublai Kahn, because I have always wanted a full bottle of that dirty little bastard.  Plus Cartier's Baiser Vole, to offset the dirtiness of the little bastard I've always wanted. 

Besides, B-man said Baiser Vole made him smile.

That's it for 2012.  I think.

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  1. Another Muscs Koublai Khan fan, great!

    1. Joan, I'm not sure I would have pegged you for an MKK lover, but I'm glad to hear that you are!

  2. Josephine, you've just made my day - MKK, what a great choice. I hope you have many hours of pleasure with one of the best musks on the market!

    1. Michael, hi! Of course we would both love MKK, being the Borneo freaks that we are. I plan to enjoy it as often as the office and everywhere else. Always good to see you.

  3. I've been engaging in hours and hours of theoretical perfume shopping, and I bought _nothing_ at Black Friday prices. All the shopping is still theoretical, and now back to full prices. I need to plan ahead.



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