Thursday, July 18, 2013

Perfume Layering Epiphany

Lately, I can't apply just one perfume. Even if I wear one perfume for awhile, I must eventually pair it with something else. Which sometimes doesn't work so I have to spray yet another. 

Help. Me.

Plus, my layering obsession extends beyond perfume.  Please tell me that you took advantage of the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale.  Like, TOOK ADVANTAGE (I bought and returned and bought and returned until I got it exactly right). OMG, I could not stay out of those stores for that two week period.  And now, I've begun mixing different scented body lotions with amazing results. 

For example:

Warm Sugar Vanilla/Cherry Blossom/White Tea & Ginger
Warm Sugar Vanilla/Exotic Coconut/Mango

I've only just begun, of course, and I have so many lotions now that the only way to justify them is to say, 'hey, look, I'm mixing - back off.'  I haven't had to say that yet (B-man is neither surprised nor annoyed at this new practice), but I kinda wish someone would give me a little push back.  Just for drama.

I did get a response out of B-man when he asked me first thing over coffee this morning:

B-man: How was your night - did you sleep well?

Me:  Yeah, except I wore the wrong lotion and it kept waking me up.

B-man: What do you mean the wrong lotion? Don't you like it?

Me: No, I love it, but it's not sleep lotion.

B-man.:  Not sleep lotion. Wow.

Me:  No, there's sleep lotion, and there's day lotion, and the two shall never mix.

B-man: This is good to know.

Me:  Seriously.

On to perfume.  Have you tried the Gandini line through Parfum 1?  It's like Jo Malone with balls (high quality, but less expensive), and they layer nicely with many different perfumes.  Two of my favorites are Lime & Basil and Blue Musk.  Tonight, I'm wearing Blue Musk layered with Gerlain Aqua Allegoria Mentafollia. 

Dude, it's a win.

But my layering epiphany, the one that blew my mind, was when I decided to layer perfumes with similar notes to play off each other and add intensity and contrast. You all probably know that already, but let me have my moment.  Perfume layering wins:

Versace Crystal Noir/Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess/Jennifer Lopez Deseo (coconut)
Fragonard Eclat/Jaguar Woman/Hermes Sur le Nil (lemon)
Waterford Lismore/DKNY Pure/Lacoste Femme (freesia)

Now, wearing just one perfume feels so...separatist.

What perfumes have you layered lately?

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  1. Josephine, I'm excited that you're trying layering! I haven't had the courage yet, but now that I've got some suggestions (the lemon one sounds yummy!) I'll have to give it a try!



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