Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Thursday and All is Well

I survived Interview Wednesday. 

After considering many different perfumes, and pondering some excellent suggestions, I end up wearing Agent Provocateur.  With a crisp white shirt and my favorite, 'Get Smart' jacket, it's perfect.

The red shoes are a bonus.

If I owned it, I would have seriously considered Chanel No. 19 with its androgynous, 'don't fuck with me' allure.  Perhaps my next Must Have perfume.

Today, feeling more relaxed, I wear Amber Sultan (following a perfume reminder from a fellow blogger).  It matches my mood and also seems more comforting (somewhat gourmand) and less herbal than usual. 

Tonight, Ambre Sultan lives on as B-man and I hang out on the deck, take in the scenery and reflect on our world.

Paige's squeaky toy hedgehog peppers our conversation.


  1. Congratulations!!!

    Wow, what a beautiful sight! Gorgeous!


  2. Congratulations on surviving, and on a perfect perfume choice.

    And, yes! No. 19 is the perfect fragrance for going into battle. I always advocate the parfum, but I've finally accepted that that's personal preference.

  3. so glad all is well!
    I need a bottle of No. 19.

  4. Congrats! I love that you chose AP--it is clear that that was the perfect choice for you, since you two have been developing such an intense relationship lately.

  5. AP sounds as though it was just the ticket on the occasion, and you clearly felt good in it, which is the most important thing. Glad everything went so smoothly and you can relax into the weekend.

    That deck is to die for!

  6. Hi Sandy - thanks for your kind comment!

  7. Hey, Chickenfreak! I've been wondering about the best formulation of No. 19, so your suggestion is helpful.

    I'm ready to begin my full-on investigation.

  8. Hi Bloody Frida - glad I'm not the only one jonesing for a bottle of No. 19!

  9. Hi LBV - yes, AP and I do have quite a 'thing' going. It really did feel just right!

  10. Hey FS - I'm happy for the weekend, too! We love the deck, too, and practically live outside through the spring, summer and fall.



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