Monday, September 6, 2010

DSH Memory & Desire: Coming Home

B-man and I are in the Denver airport, ready to end our weekend trip with a short flight home.  On Friday, as a courtesy to others, I travel scent free.  But this morning, I feel compelled to apply DSH Memory & Desire, deciding that this is the perfume which will forever mark our weekend in Colorado.

As you already know, I spent a chunk of time Saturday at the DSH Essense Studio in Boulder, which includes the pleasure of meeting Dawn Spencer Hurwitz and reaping the benefits of her perfuming brilliance.

What I will say right now is what some of you may already know; Dawn is an artist to the core and a woman of grace and intelligence. 

I will post about the entire experience once I am home again, where both distance and perspective will help me sort my thoughts and capture all of the meaningful elements of that day. 

For now, I'm simply too distracted and my attention deficit tendencies are running wild.  

For example, in any airport, people watching is irresistible.  I intermittently watch others as I type and keep glancing at B-man on his laptop as if we are in a competition where both the purpose and the grand prize is unknown, but crucial.  

He has no idea he is a contestant. 

Fortunately, in the midst of this chaos (situational and self imposed) I continue to catch whiffs of Memory & Desire, which brings me back to myself. 

On my skin, which Dawn identifies as 'fairly neutral' (I think it best not to argue my specialness), Memory & Desire starts with a bang of orris and ink.  My attention and imagination is piqued upon first sniff.  

Memory & Desire also exudes a smoky, black licorice, rose vibe that lasts through the drydown.  And now, about four hours after application, the smallest hint of civet is revealed. 

Some have described this perfume as 'melancholic.'  In Donna's review, at Perfume Smellin' Things, she bestows this characteristic and says that Memory & Desire is reminiscent of 'waiting for someone...missing someone who is never coming back.'  

How very true.  

Perhaps this is why the wistful composition of Memory & Desire kindles reflections of my past and captures the present longing of my heart.

Much more DSH to come.

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  1. Black licorice and rose, mmm, sounds interesting.

  2. Can't wait for a full report on the studio visit. I hope your birthday trip to Denver was everything you needed and wanted and of course.....then some!:0
    Much Love, Baby sis

  3. Hi kjaincki - it's interesting indeed and I'm somewhat stuck on it at the moment. Worth checking out!

  4. Hey Baby Sis, thanks for the comment and your birthday wishes! The studio visit was awesome and our trip just what we needed. Love to you, too!

  5. What a beautiful picture to illustrate this perfume, and I love the whole vibe of it, though the notes may not be for me, not least the "smallest hint of civet". : - )

    I can see how it would perfectly encapsulate how you are feeling at the moment - being in Denver, and remembering your mother around the time of her birthday.

  6. Hi Flitter, I know you would relate to my mindset as much as anyone I can think of.

    Even with the civet, Memory and Desire might work for you. Really, it's more chypre than civet. And the formulation is so compelling, I would recommend you give it a go.

    Hope you are well - it's good to hear from you!



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