Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Perfume?

B-man and I attended a wine tasting last night.  We have belonged to this group for 20+ years and have enjoyed varying degrees of activity.  

Recently, however, we have become more selective in the tastings we attend. 

This is partly because my work is very 'people heavy,' and the last thing I want on the weekend is to endure an event that feels like an extended cocktail party.  

Plus, I'm a homebody.  My idea of the perfect evening is cooking, and enjoying wine, at home with B-man and Paige.

Paige doesn't drink that much.

B-man is a bit more social and enjoys getting out and hobnobbing. Together, we balance each other out.

Last night's tasting was held at a Mexican bistro, new in town, located in an industrial warehouse.  We had never been there, but the invitation said, "this is not your basic burritos or enchiladas, this is what the wealthy people eat in Mexico."   

I found this reassurance to be pretentious and unnecessary.

Don't be dissing my Taco Bell.

For me, perfume accompanies all wine tastings, even though Inner Critic follows me around and tries to talk me out of it as I'm getting ready. 

Perhaps it does create a distraction from the 'nose' of the wine, but who can really object to lightly applied Jardin en Mediterranee?  If you're that sensitive to competing aromas, perhaps you should drink wine at home.  

With your own dog.

Our table for eight was an interesting crowd.  We talked about travel (ours to Denver, theirs to Southeast Asia), reading (they actually read books, not just blogs), our children, our work and all manner of social chatter.

At one point, I leaned over and whispered to B-man, 'why isn't anyone talking about perfume?'

He responded with the don't-make-me-snort-wine-out-of-my-nose laugh.

Actually, I think it's a fair question.  I would much rather hear someone's thoughts about perfume, as it relates to wine and food, instead of their most recent experience in an Australian airport.

Next time, I might bring up the topic myself, just to silence the table.

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  1. Hurrah for Taco Bell - their campaign slogan: "Think outside the bun" was inspired...!

    In my experience very few "normal" people naturally bring up the subject of perfume at social gatherings. And had you done so, you probably would have silenced the table, sad to say.... I fear it is just a minor toiletry/accessory to most people, like hair spray or a belt, and if you see perfume in that light, you can see why it might not be considered a worthy subject of dinner table conversation.

  2. I totally agree with you. And, I guess people are usually not perfume-types, and don't really care about fragrances. Unfortunately.


  3. Flitter, you are so right. I know most people dismiss perfume as a simple accessory, but it is so relevant to everyday life.

    I feel bolder about testing the water now when I'm with any crowd. If I have to listen to someone's endless travelogue, they can damn well tolerate a little perfume talk.

  4. Hi Sandy. As perfumistas, perhaps we can raise awareness around the importance of all aroma and spark some interesting dialogue around perfume. Even if others disagree.



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