Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Top Ten Transition Perfumes

Call it Autumn Syndrome.

This time of year, between summer and fall, messes with my mind.  


- My clothes all suck
- Hair decisions  (to cut or to grow) are too complicated
- I eat fresh fruit (I don't even like fruit)
- Everything smells different

Once fall arrives, I settle into a warm, 'gathering in' phase, which is my favorite time of year.  Until then, to help with this seasonal shift, I rely on my Top Ten Transition Perfumes:

Poeme - gently guides the butterflys out and the dragonflys in.

Cabochard - a wild fire being swatted with leather belts.

Knowing - a rose chypre 'bite' that mirrors the crisp air.

Moschino Couture - green apples in cedar barrels.

Yatagan - pine needles on the ground with fallen leaves.

Sonia Rykiel Woman - autumn's first wearing of a suede jacket.

L'eau du Navigateur - coffee in Central Park on a cool, clear day.

Rose 31 - both dirty and effervescent.

Ambre Sultan -  herbal amber that must be a Virgo.

Black Aoud - the atmospheric smell of moving planets.

Today, in response to my general restlessness, one of my colleagues said, 'you do this every year.'   Just before I stick my chin out, like a defiant 2-year-old,  to say, 'do what?,' I realize she's right.

Thankfully, fall is just around the corner.

Do you have transition perfumes? 

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  1. I need to try Yatagan. I love Cabochard and Ambre Sultan. I have a bottle of L'Eau du Navigateur but I don't wear it often, it's just a bit too masculine on me, but I love it because it makes me think "pirates!" I've been wearing a lot of tobacco scents, especially Fumerie Turque. And I think I am going to love Tauer's L'Eau d'Epices from the notes, but I don't know for sure yet. DSH Secrets of Egypt collection is also interesting me a lot these days.

  2. Hello! I'm de-lurking. I have been wanting to comment for some time now!

    I quite enjoyed this post. The transition into Fall is welcomed by me every year, but like you, it comes with some frustrating and odd markers. All my clothes suddenly suck as well; I'm either too hot or too cold; and guaranteed, I'll get depressed.

    I love your transition perfume selection. I've gone full-tilt into what I think of as cold weather perfumes, like DSH Festive and AG Encens Flamboyant. The way I see it is, it's Fall, let's get on with it already!

  3. Hi Kjanicki! You must try Yatagan, although you may find it masculine as well. Fumerie Turque is very nice and adds a sweetness to its tobacco note. I love cool weather perfumes!

  4. JoanElaine, welcome! So glad you de-lurked (love that word) and left a comment. Have not yet tried AG Encens Flamboyant, but it's on my list.

    And I'm with you - let's get on with Fall!

  5. Josephine I find that my transitional fragrances tend to be ones that nod to some aspect of autumn/fall. For example I love wearing Frederic Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire as it reminds me very much of fallen leaves just on the verge of decomposing, with a bit of smoke. I also get drawn to a lot of amber or incense this time of year, especially if there is something smoky in it, so Ambre Sultan is a perennial favourite, although I love it any time of year.

  6. Michael, I have not sampled Vetiver Extraordinaire in earnest, but will do so at my first opportunity.

    Ambre Sultan is a beauty any time - you're right about that.

  7. Your top ten is pretty hardcore by my wimpy standards, but I share your love of Sonia Rykiel Woman, also as a transition scent. I have been wearing it and some soft, muzzy things like Prada L'Eau Ambree, Guerlain 180 ans de creation and APOM pour femme to ease myself into the slight chill of the season.

  8. Yes, now that you mention it, I guess my transition perfumes are a bit intense. That seems to be what I'm drawn to this time of year.

    Rykiel Woman is beautiful and, I think, relatively unknown. Wearing it, I always feel more centered.



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