Friday, September 10, 2010

Ode to DSH Vintage Patchouly

Wicker under Macrame
Black Rose
Nordic Wool Sweater
Pool Hall
Gardening Shed

Picture from DSH


  1. Oh, so not me. Patchouli is not a favourite. But I love your review poems, they get right to the nub of the matter, you know?

  2. I'm definitely gonna have to give that a try - you got me at dreadlocks (although I'm not fond of the look several of my friends have them)

  3. Hi kjanicki - I am a patchouli nut, so it almost always works (Angel is one exception). Glad you like the odes. Perfume always calls up memories and images for me.

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. Bloody Frida, hello! Yes, if you hang out with dreadlocks, you know exactly the aroma I'm talking about. Vintage Patchouly is fabulous. As a former Spiritual Sky lover, I think it would work for you.

  5. Josephine, how does this compare in feel to Borneo 1834?

  6. Hi Michael - great question! I actually tried them together (one on each arm) and found Borneo to be sweeter and smoother than Vintage Patchouly.

    This was a surprise, as Borneo had never struck me as sweet before, but aside VP, the chocolate note was pronounced.

    VP has a roughness about it - an herbal quality - that I found quite appealing. It's more outdoorsy, for lack of a better description. In fact, it has a top note similar to Yatagan.

    Borneo feels elegant and slightly feminine in comparison.

    (I avoid feminine/masculine categorizations in perfume, but you will understand what I'm saying.)

  7. That's really interesting Josephine. I should try get my hands on a sample of DSH - it sounds really nice and different. I like patch with a bit of a twist.



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