Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ode to Femme by Rochas

Diesel Fumes
Peaches with Cumin
Pecan Pie
Kettle Corn

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  1. You crack me up. I'll bet you never on the Internets, in all the qualzillion combinations of words, have "vagina" and "kettle corn" appreared consecutively.

  2. Hi kjanicki - Yes, it is an unusual word combo, but I figured, someone needs to just say it.

    Thanks for your comment - it made me smile!

  3. I applaud your Laying It Out There, O Fearless Reviewer. (This from someone who compared Manoumalia to lochia and PdN Maharanih to schwetty balls... we tell it like it is, baybeee.)

    I have a little vial of reformulated Femme (I assume that's whatchu got, not the cumin-free vintage) that I'm afraid of cracking open. I've probably had the thing a year or longer - and just knowing how I feel about fruity chypres, I've been avoiding it.

    I may get it out today since you've inspired me. :) Oh - and meant to say, isn't that a beautiful ad? I've always loved the bottle shape, and against the lace silhouette, it's really gorgeous.

  4. Hi Muse! Yes, I remember your scent comparisons - you go, girl!

    You're right about the reformulated Femme - for me, it's a perfume to be admired but not actually worn. It's just too...much, and not in the way that I love 'too much' in a perfume.

    The ad is beautiful - it's true - and the bottle very sexy. I keep hoping to love Femme. In the right moment, it could still happen.



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