Sunday, March 13, 2011

Save The Gator

Meet Paige's new friend, Gator.  Well, friend might be stretching it a bit.

Paige has never been a destructive dog.  Even in her puppy stage she didn't chew things up.  And now, as an adult, she takes treats politely from our fingers.

I know, cowboy up.

Her vast array of stuffed, furry toys has remained intact through growling fits and mouth shakes for which B-man and I provide the dialogue:

Why, I'll shake your ass good, stupid hedgehog!

Take that, you idiot tiger!

Entertainment is cheap at our house.

But for some reason, Gator has brought out the worst in Paige and he (we know it's a 'he' because B-man looked) ended up in emergency, stitch-him-back-up surgery after being split open.

Not just once, but twice.  Paige denies it, of course, but the evidence is clear.

 I didn't do it...for realsies

With Gator fresh out of post-op, we're watching Paige to see just what it is about him that pisses her off.  Okay, he's green, but what else?  Together, we decide a little surveillance is in order.

What?  Gator makes a nice pillow
I feel so misunderstood
Hey, how did Gator get outside?
I'll be right here watching for the perp

Gee, thanks 'O.J.' but we're pretty clear on the identity of the 'perp.'

photos my own


  1. Josephine, sometimes you crack me up! Next time post a video link - would be great to see Paige in action!

  2. Sooooooo funny! We've got a dog, Rocky, who drags his pig, Neal, around the same way Paige doghandles Gator. That is so adorable!!

    They say that every dog needs a job-- it looks like Gator is Paige's full time employment.

  3. Michael, what a great idea! Have not tried that yet, but what the hell, I'm up for a new adventure. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Hi LCN - I remember reading about Rocky in one of your posts long ago. Love the name 'Neal,' by the way...

    Gator is brilliant in that he can drive Paige crazy by doing absolutely nothing.



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