Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique - My Guilty Pleasure

I love this perfume, even though I'm a little embarrassed to say so. 

How to describe JPG Classique?  It's floral, musky, synthetic and sweet. 

Imagine Poeme's slutty little sister.  

Clearly, this is outside of my 'type,' but I just can't help myself.  Wearing this perfume, I want to swing my ass walking, show more cleavage, wear red lipstick and cross my legs in a short skirt.

JPG Classique asks everyone within range, 'you want some of this?'

After multiple samplings, I run across JPG in Costco last weekend as part of the new holiday perfume display. 

I get that 'twirly' feeling in my stomach.

But before I can build up any circular momentum, Inner Critic steps in to say, 'what the hell are you thinking?'  'You just ordered four perfumes and bought the vintage perfumes within the same month.'  

'Put it down and walk away.'

So I put it down, then pick it up, then put it down and pick it up again.  B-man is watching.

Finally, I put it down for good and walk over to the cart.  B-man says, 'is that a perfume you want?'  

I say, 'yeah, but I'm going to wait - if it's here next time we come, I'll buy it then.'  

He looks me in the eye and says, 'if this is a perfume you like, and you don't buy it now because you're cheaping out, that's really going to piss me off.'

Ooh...the thought of pissing off B-man is kind of a turn on, but I buy the perfume instead, vowing to twirl properly as soon as we get home.

The tin can and the bottle itself is divinely kitsch. 

You just know those boobs are implants.

What is your guilty pleasure perfume?

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  1. Josephine, I wouldn't feel too bad. In fact, my guilty pleasure perfume happens to be JPG Le Male! In fact, the latest, Le Male Terrible, is rather good in my opinion. My only issue with Le Male is that it was so popular at one point and so distinctive, that even today it is immediately recognisable to many and quite cliched, hence my guilty pleasure!

  2. Musk perfumes on women tend to make me want to pinch their nipples and things of that nature.

  3. Love that phrase of yours "cheaping out". Between that and "inner critic" and "twirling", a whole new language is emerging...

    I must be honest and say that there is a plasticky/synthetic quality to Classique that gives me an instant headache - it is there too in MaDame, so I must be super sensitive to something.

    My guilty pleasure scent used to be Hugo Boss Femme, then I got so guilty I swapped it! : - )

  4. Michael, I love that your guilty pleasure is JPG Le Male! I have never actually smelled it, but have an image in my mind. When did cliched get such a bad rap anyway...Enjoy it!

  5. Hi Flitter - I've always adopted my own goofy language - makes life more fun. Like you, I find MaDame headachy, but Classique works well. A friend of mine used to wear Hugo Boss Femme and it was beautiful on her.

    Do you have a current GP?

  6. Mine's Gaultier 2.
    What is it about the Gaultier scents? lol

  7. hi *jen - Gaultier 2 is very interesting and sexy in a 'maple syrup' sort of way. Haven't tried it for a while, but I may have to give it a whirl. All of the Gaultier scents are a bit over the top, don't you think. Love that.



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