Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fashion Tips From Baby sis

Hi, it's Baby sis. 

As Josephine says, I love fashion!  More than half of my adult life has been spent in every aspect of retail.  Currently, I work in visual merchandising, which gives me the opportunity to see all kinds of fashion violations.  I see women who try too hard, women who need to try harder and those who think that they are pulling off great fashion but have missed the mark horribly.  

On occasion, I see women who look fantastic.

Here are some fashion basics I have learned that I hope will help everyone:

Challenge some of your fashion “rules.” 

Look at fashion magazines - I learn a lot there!  Here's the deal: you can wear almost any color if you select the right shade for your skin tone.  And yes, trends come and go but the classics live forever.  Therefore, be sure to build a wardrobe with a solid foundation of classics.  For example, a white button down shirt, a basic black skirt or trouser, a go-to blazer…you get the idea. 

Don’t get all hung up on size. 

It makes me sad when I see women attach their self-esteem to that number inside their clothes.  Fabric is typically cut in huge stacks and sometimes the variances in different runs of the same garment can be up to half an inch or more.  If you had any idea the VAST difference in sizes, you would realize how ridiculous this is.  Also the difference between the sizing from one manufacturer to another can be significant.  Use size as a guide and get over the number - it can make all the difference in your shopping experience!  Cut out the tag when you get home if you need to.  Who gives a shit what the size says if it fits you well? 

Pony up the dough for a NICE bra and some shapewear.
I cannot stress enough the importance of a properly fitting bra and a little shapewear.  Realize that most of us over the age of 20-something have that little belly pooch we are always trying to hide.  Yes, even celebrities.  Really nice shapewear can be pricey so keep in mind that you can also get such things at discount retailers like Target and Kmart.  They do the trick for a bit less cash.  However, a bra fitting is a must.  This is the place to make an investment. 

Select a well-fitting pair of trousers or jeans

Women of ANY age or size can look great in jeans if you take the time to select a fit that flatters your shape.  We live in a wonderful age where jean manufacturers have realized the beauty of Spandex and contouring in jean design.  The retailer I work for offers several fits of jeans.  One requirement upon my employment was to try on every single fit they have (smart!).  I am a curvy girl and there are really only two cuts that flatter my shape, so I stick to them. 

A word about skinny jeans.

Yes, they are trendy right now.  While the sucked-to-your-leg-all-the-way-down look really needs to be reserved for the tall and slender, I have found some straight leg cuts with ample room in the ass and leg that give me the same silhouette as a skinny jean and they are much more flattering.  If you are heavier in the middle, stick to a wider leg or boot cut trouser.  Also make sure your pants are long enough.  I see women all the time who almost have a look pulled together and then their pants are too short.  This creates problems as it “cuts you in half,” making you look shorter and your legs look heavier.  Get them as close to the ground without touching as you can, and wear a shoe the same color as your pants.  This gives you a longer, leaner look.  Ask questions when you go shopping about various cuts and don't be afraid to try on 5 pairs to find the right one. 

I hope these basics help and if anyone has a specific question, I will be happy to respond via Josephine.  It's an honor to be a guest blogger and let me just say that whatever I have done for Josephine's fashion, she has done for me with perfume. 
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  1. Thanks for the information, Baby Sis. I definitely agree about not getting hung up on the numbers in clothes. It's no good getting into something if you only look like you're bursting out! Clothes have to allow the wearer to move and breathe comfortably.

    I wonder what you think about curvy ladies and where the hemlines of their tops and jackets should finish.
    I'm a pear-shape and I prefer tops and jackets that are long enough to cover my rear completely, but I know that this is of debatable value in the flattering attire stakes!
    Is there anything you'd recommend to ensure that I'm not simply drowning my upper half in fabric because I want the length?

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Thanks for the comment Anna. I am pear-shaped as well. What I find gives the most minimizing appearance is when the hems of tops and jackets come to about mid-bulge in the front which usually means the back hem hits you about mid-butt (rather than covering the whole thing) - give or take an inch depending on how your are built. This is an easier concept to describe in person so I hope this makes sense!:-) Thanks again for your comment.
    Baby Sis

  3. Aha, you confirm my suspicions, Baby Sis, and I understand - I shall try to follow your suggestion and adjust the rear-hem relationship upwards a bit!

    Thanks for all of the style tips,

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh



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