Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Made It Through The Day!

Is anyone else relieved that Christmas is over?

Our day was lovely, even though I missed my mother more than I expected and was surprised by sudden tearfulness a few times during the day.   I had told myself - erroneously, as it turns out - that by feeling the grief in advance, Christmas day itself would be easier.

Not so much.

Still, B-man and I managed to have a great time.  Together, we delivered plates and small gifts on Christmas Eve, then hung out with JD and Georgie Girl (JD's amazing wife) yesterday.  Last night was spent enjoying family at my sister's home.  

We will resume our tradition of group dancing to Livin' La Vida Loca another year.

Scent of the Day?  Montale's White Aoud (this full bottle purchase was my Christmas gift to me).

Today will be spent doing a lot's see...nothing.

Happy Day After Christmas!

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  1. I am happy that Christmas is over. LOL


  2. I'm relieved also. Christmas has always been a mixed bag for me: anticipation, some fun (like skiing), nice music, family drama, and finally disappointment--not always easy to pinpoint the reason. I never live up to my own expectations of giving or connecting with people. SOTD: vintage Cartier Panthere.

  3. Yep, yep. I found myself doing the "Is he having fun? Am I doing enough?" thing, which Himself never expects of me, and in fact is a downer for Himself. I managed to cut it out, I hope early enough :), and we had a good gluttonous low-key Christmas. But today, a day of zero expectations, is a lot more relaxing.

  4. Hi Sandy - I think a whole lot of people feel a sense of relief today. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  5. queen_cupcake, hello! You are so preaching to the choir - one's own expectations are often the most difficult to meet. Vintage Panthere must be beautiful!

  6. Hey, ChickenFreak - I totally get what you're saying. Our own stress about 'is it enough' often stresses out those around us! Glad you had a good day and also happy that you could relax and enjoy yourself today.



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