Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter on the Farm

Roadside view of the farm

On Tuesday, Baby sis and I made the two hour drive from the city to visit Dad. 

First, we all went to the cemetery and I saw Mom's headstone for the first time.  It's beautiful.

Then, we made the 'lotto ticket/farm loop.'

None of us live on or by the farm now.  My parents sold the livestock and moved into a larger city twenty years ago. The land is leased to others who plow, plant and yield crops each year. 

Dad and my brother placed a trailer on the farm last year so that any of us can go and play and spend the night if we want.

This is where I grew up, where my grandparents lived and where the drama of our lives unfolded.  

Part of me will always be there.

Old buildings on the farm
Snowy fields with plow stripes
Dad's trailer 
What used to be my grandmother's house on the farm
View of the house I grew up in from grandma's
Ducks wondering what we're doing on the road

Pictures my own, taken on Tuesday


  1. I love that your father (and brother) thought to put up the trailer. So often, the separation has to be entire...and when land/a farm is involved, that hurts. Even into generations that never really lived there.

    Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, Josephine. They strike a chord with me, as I grew up on a farm too. It's no longer in the family, so I can't really return to it, but since it is not far from where I live now, I often like to drive by and look out over the fields.

  3. ScentScelf - thanks for the comment. Yes, keeping the farm in our family has linked us intimately. And the trailer? Stellar idea.

    In the fall, Dad and I met my brother at the trailer and he cooked us breakfast outside on the grill. The smell of the food in the chilly morning air is a memory etched in my mind forever.

  4. Suzanne, hello! Growing up on a farm never leaves you, does it? No matter where one's life takes them, we are still drawn to the place we grew up and to the land itself.

    I love going there now more than ever.



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