Friday, May 20, 2011

My Cheap and Pretty Morning Perfume

Cabotine Rose - one of several flankers to the original Cabotine - was eye-balling me at TJ Maxx for weeks.  

I'm not sure why we were flirting with each other, except I'm attracted to the color and design of the box.  And the cute bottle. 

It really doesn't take much to entertain me.

After marching to the beat of Inner Critic's drum and talking myself out of buying Cabotine Rose, I was thoroughly annoyed.

Sales price?  $12.99.  Yeah, boy, that's a perfume purchase to dither over.

It's mine now, dammit.

And honestly, I love its fruity/rose/shampoo/fresh laundry goodness.  Every time I spritz it on, it bumps my morning happy to the next level, which is a little scary as I'm already in an altered state of mind between 5 am and noon.  

Especially if it's raining.  

Maybe I'm attracted to Cabotine Rose because it's off the beaten perfumista path, or because B-man always says, 'what IS that - you smell soooo good!' 

But I suspect the real reason is because, aside from being pretty and cheap, Cabotine Rose keeps the morning alive just a little bit longer.

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  1. delish!! I always see Cabotine at those stores, but will keep my eyes peeled for this one - thanks Josephine!

  2. You're a morning person AND a rain person? Rare skills. :)

  3. Hi Frida - I think you might like this one...I think it's mindless pleasure in a bottle!

  4. Elisa - I know, right? It is a weird combo, but I see no reason why peppy and melancholy can't enhance and heighten each other.



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