Sunday, May 1, 2011

Perfume Layering Successes of May 1st

Happy May 1st to all!

Today has been spent cleaning and re-arranging.  This morning, I announced to B-man, 'I'm going downstairs to work on stripping the wallpaper' (he has been working on a room and will have it done shortly).

'You don't know how to work the steamer,' he said.

'Well, maybe you could teach me, or I could read the instructions and figure it out.'

Silence, hand to forehead and a large sigh.

'If you're feeling that energetic, how about you work on the Smellie Room instead and find a place for everything we have accumulated so we can do that room next?'

Good counterpoint.  

So I organized the Smellie Room and, in the process, discovered some killer perfume layering combos (call it multi-tasking):

L'Heure Bleue/ Hiris
Sycomore/Demeter Dirt
Calvin Klein Truth/ Safari
Tea Rose/Tocade

Actually, it's been a really good perfume weekend.

Yesterday, at TJ Maxx, I bought a bottle (cheaply, of course) of Cabochard Rose, a fun, fruity floral perfume.  I put it on after showering, before Champagne Sunday, and B-man said, 'OMG, you smell soooo good!'

I do, too.

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  1. I'm going to try those last two combos this week!

  2. I just tried Tea Rose + Tocade. Yum! Tocade by itself has never really done it for me but the extra hit of rose makes it a winner.

    Tea Rose is like the Universal Donor of perfumes.

  3. Hi Elisa - I'm glad you tried the Tea Rose/Tocade combo! Like you, Tocade has always been just a bit too...much of something for me to truly enjoy. Tea Rose gives it a much needed lift, while Tocade ups the lasting power.

    The 'Universal Donor of perfumes.' So true, although Hiris is right up there, too.



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