Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Things That Touched Me Yesterday

For the past couple of months, Dad and I have talked on the phone - or sent texts - every morning.  We look forward to these brief chats as we are both morning people, ready to 'cracker ass' at a moment's notice.  

Laughing together is a good way to start the day.

On Tuesdays, Dad usually mentions the grief group he attends every Monday evening.  This week, he connected with a man who lost his wife about two months ago.  

I remember Dad, two months out from losing Mom, calling me and saying, 'please tell me I can do this because I don't think I can.'

Yesterday morning, Dad said the group went well, and the man whose wife recently died told him it helped a lot to hear what he had to say.  According to Dad, 'it's like you're all on a journey, but at different points.  You can call those behind you and let them know the road gets smoother up ahead.'

I think he's going to be okay.


During a meeting yesterday, the parent of one of our patients wanted to tell me about a staff member named Connie.  This mother praised Connie for helping her family during her child's hospital stay.

'Connie makes us feel like this is a five star hotel,' she said.  'She sees us and waves every time we come in, and we're here a lot.'

'We're always greeted with a smile and she checks on us often just to make sure we're okay and that we have everything we need.'

'Of all the amazing people here, I'd have to say Connie has made the biggest difference to our family.'

Connie is a housekeeper at the hospital.


When our son, JD, was a little boy, the three of us concocted a story - a fantasy - about dark, rainy days.

Our story featured two dragons, Molly and Arnold, who only came out when the clouds were hanging on the mountains.  Cloaked in the damp mist, they could frolic and run wild, play tag with each other and even breathe fire if they felt feisty.  Once the storm subsided, they returned to their caves.

This was our little secret.

Yesterday was one of those dark days where the clouds reached the base of the mountains and the rain came down strong and steady.  While I was at work, unable to fully enjoy the magical storm, I received a text from JD:

'You're on my mind today - yell a big hello to Molly and Arnold for me.'

What has touched your heart lately?

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  1. Here I am sitting at my desk, with tears in my eyes and a warm fuzzy feeling across my chest.

    Thanks, Josephine for undoing my morning crabbiness!

  2. A beautiful of your best I believe! You touched my heart as well...

  3. Hi JoanElaine - Glad my post sparked some 'warm and fuzzy' goodness. Anything that can lift the morning crabbies has to be a good thing!

  4. Hi Mermaid - thanks for your comment and your encouragement. Happy that my post could touch your heart, too. You've always been a softie...



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