Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My So-Called Life

Does anyone remember this coming-of-age series?  It aired in 1994, and the entire first (and only) season is playing now on the Sundance channel.  

I was bummed when it got canceled.

This was Claire Danes' acting debut - she is fantastic. Yesterday, I watched the series pilot and chuckled through the whole thing, delighted by the smart writing and the great cast.  

Of course, I'm recording every episode.

Any other My So-Called Life junkies?  And what perfume goes well with adolescent angst?
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  1. I enjoyed My So-Called Life, but I can only really remember Angela's obsession with Jordan Catalano and her friend who drank too much(?).

    I wore Coco de Chanel as an angsty teen, rendering it unwearable for twenty years. I made peace with Coco last year and can now wear it without flashing back to age 16.

    I think a good teen angst perfume is a fragrance that combines the sweet and gourmand with sexy. Marshmallows and civet! (Bloody Blogger won't let me comment, so that's why it says Anonymous. JoanElaine)

  2. This is possibly my favorite show of all time. I have it on DVD. I even dressed up as Rayanne for Halloween recently -- I wore Angel for the occasion! But cK One would have been a good choice too, if I had it and it was the same.

  3. Hi JoanElaine - Blogger's been a bit moody lately, hasn't it? Coco is a great angsty perfume, and quite sophisticated for a teen! I wore Cinnabar and Shalimar, neither of which I have made peace with since.

    And Jordan Catalano is a hottie. Not that bright, but cute as hell.

  4. Elisa, I knew it! Of all my readers, I suspected you would know and love MSCL. We seem to be soul mates in random stuff.

    Part of me will always be 15 years old, and the show is as relevant now as it was when it first aired.

    Angel is a perfect scent match to teenage angst!



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