Sunday, July 31, 2011

Food I Love That Loves Me Back

Today's breakfast - my absolute favorite

Finally, I'm in a groove with healthy food that I love.

And I eat a lot - no daintiness here.  Probably 1600-1800 calories a day.   

Remember the 3-day cleanse I did weeks ago?  Well, even though parts of it were difficult, the experience taught me a thing or two.

For example, I've always had a hard time eating fruit.  But the cleanse introduced me to a breakfast with fruit that I look forward to every morning.

Plus, I learned how to make a lunch salad that is satisfying, delicious and beautiful (we do eat with our eyes first, after all).

Here is a typical day's menu (quantities are flexible, depending on my mood and hunger):

Granola with berries and coconut milk.

Huge salad with spring blend greens, cucumber, tomatoes, snow peas, garbanzo beans and avocado.  Dressed with lemon or lime, lots of olive oil and hot sauce (a personal favorite).

Nuts or rye crackers with almond butter.

Salmon, chicken or other lean meat with steamed broccoli, plus whole wheat angel hair pasta with olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

Every Saturday, I deem 'Free Day,' which allows me to eat and drink whatever I want.  Of course, I take full advantage, pulling out the cave-aged gruyere, crusty bread, hummus, dolmades, olives and any other snacky delights I want. 

Add wine (or martinis) as desired.

But here's what I find surprising: when Free Day is over, I'm excited to get back to my normal eating. 

Now that's a first.

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  1. Almond butter? Sounds fantastic!

  2. I'm always happy to hear people enjoying healthy food. :)
    I will never forget my one and only diet so far (it was harsh but effective) that introduced me to fruit for breakfast. I still eat fruit for breakfast and the diet was some 4-5 years ago.
    Unfortunately, my diet includes alcohol and there is no way I'm letting that go, so I try and combat it with healthy food all the time - and I can't say I good used to eating healthy, I couldn't not eat like this even if I wanted to. My body craves it. Like you said. :)

  3. Hi Joan - if you've never tried almond butter, it's amazing! Slightly different consistency than peanut butter (less dense) and thoroughly delicious.

  4. Ines, hello! My eating has evolved slowly over the past few months. I'm not into deprivation, so I must eat food that I truly enjoy, everyday. What I find, in addition to losing a few pounds, is that I feel better; more energetic and 'cleaner' for lack of a better description. Still, I do love my Free Day, and find that I enjoy alcohol much more when I'm not drinking every day. Ultimately, we all have to find our groove with food, booze and anything else we like. Perhaps most important is that we simply enjoy ourselves!



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