Monday, August 1, 2011

A Bratty BlackBerry Morning

You already know I'm a Morning Person.  Chances are, I would piss you off because I am convinced - no, I'm quite certain - that I can accomplish anything before noon.  Seriously, anything.

Bring it on.

This morning, I'm ready to walk out the door with my lunch, jacket and keys, convinced I look smokin' hot (all part of the morning delusion) and ready to take on the world.  B-man unplugs my phone from its charger and goes to place it into the leather case.

I hear a crash and parts flying across the hard kitchen floor.

Morning Girl Interrupted.

'God, what an idiot,' B-man says.

My day flashes before me; I won't be able to call Dad on the way to work, and my team won't be able to contact me this afternoon when I go to another hospital for a meeting.  If Murphy's Law holds true, I will certainly run over a rogue board with nails and end up stranded on the freeway.

B-man puts the battery in, replaces the back piece and turns it on.  It's getting power so we both hope it will be okay.  While I'm not exactly upset with B-man, I am annoyed and have a hard time hiding it.

'Kay, bye, love you,' I say in a sarcastic, sing-song voice.

In my car, BlackBerry is taking forever to power up.  I sit there for awhile with the engine running, adding greater emphasis to my inconvenience.  

All the way to work, I keep looking at the phone's frozen screen and tossing it onto the seat between my legs.  For whatever reason, it makes me feel good to keep looking at it and letting it free fall. 

F-ing thing, anyway.

Miraculously, I get to work unscathed and immediately call B-man to let him know that my phone is dead.  I'm still playing the role of the Put Upon Princess.

B-man says, 'Oh, no, really?'

As soon as I hear his voice, I realize how bad he feels. And what a brat I am.

Everything in my life is better, and made easier, because of the B-man.  Yesterday, while I was putzing around the house and doing my thing, he went to my office and stocked my refrigerator, swapped out one plant for another and left treats that I gave my staff this morning.

Simply because he knew it would help me.

As it turns out, one of our techs at the hospital is able to fix my phone.  I can't wait to let B-man know everything is fine, certain that he is worried and blaming himself for what happened.

I also say, 'I love you.'  Never have I meant it more.

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  1. One word. iPhone. I was RIMs poster girl for years before I finally snapped out of it and drank the Apple Kool Aid. I am literally in love with my phone.

  2. Hi DB- thanks for the suggestion. Actually, our organization is in the process of transitioning to the iPhone. With your comment, I may ask for the KoolAid myself.



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