Monday, August 22, 2011

Coming Back To The Rose

If you asked, I would say I'm an Iris Girl when it comes to perfume.  Iris is my favorite flower because it's dramatically beautiful,  gloriously fragrant and it will forever bring forth thoughts of my mother.

But you know what?  I hardly ever wear iris perfumes.  Hiris, I wear layered most often with others.  Iris by L'Occitane is nice, but a bit too sweet.  Dzongkha, I would like to own because of the incense note.  But Iris Silver Mist just bugs me.  Too 'irisy.'

Even though I've been on a perfume hiatus, this has been a great time to analyze my collection and my wearing habits.  Before now, I never in a million years thought I was a Rose Girl.

But I am.

As it turns out, the perfumes I love...I mean Really Love...all revolve around rose.

Let's consider Black Aoud and White Aoud, different and exquisite interpretations of rose.  I would sacrifice nearly my entire collection before letting them go.  

And most of my everyday, go-to scents are rose based.  Bvlgari's Rose Essentielle has been my signature work perfume this summer.  Kelly Caleche and Agent Provocateur are also wonderful.  Cabaret by Gres is a fantastic soapy rose, and perfect for all occasions.

So why have I denied my rose identity for so long?  Well, before my perfume obsession began, I associated all rose perfumes with something like Ombre Rose, which I own but cannot bear to put on my skin.  The smell of the spray nozzle alone scares me off every time.

But rose done right rules the perfume world.  And if I honestly look at the perfumes I wear most often, I'm a Rose Girl. 

Finally.  I admit it.

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  1. Welcome to the Dark (Rose) Side!!

  2. yay!!

    I am in such a funk regarding perfume that the majority of perfumes I have been wearing (and admittedly, I'm hardly wearing any) are rose ones.

  3. Hi Muse - thanks for your welcome to the Dark Side! So many rose perfumes to little time to wear them all. I'm looking forward to the Winter Rose phase.

  4. Hi Fellow Funkster Frida - rose perfumes just seem to work, no matter what. I continue to wear perfume every day simply because I feel not-quite-dressed without it. Thanks for your comment and I hope your funk (and mine) ends soon!

  5. I'm a rose girl too! My other favorite floral note is tuberose, but tuberose is less flexible/malleable than rose.

  6. Hi Elisa - I suspected as much! Tuberose is beautiful, if a little tricky for me. I must be in the mood and it fits a much narrower niche in my perfume life. However, sometimes there's nothing like a little Fracas to shake things up. Good to see you!



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