Friday, August 12, 2011

Scent Memory Gone Bad

I love the smell of fresh mint.  Almost as much as I love the smell of leather.  In my memory, both of them exist quite nicely in Cartier's gender bender, Roadster.  I scored a sample at Nordstrom some time ago and haven't worn it since.

Yesterday, I started jonesing for Roaster and meant to put it on last night before walking with B-man and Paige.  This way, I could lure B-man with my scent as he carried the pooper scooper behind us like a clown at the parade.  

It seemed romantic at the time.

My hopes were dashed when, after one sniff of the sample, Daphne said, 'oh, hell no.'  It didn't smell anything at all like I remembered.

When was the last time a perfume didn't live up to your memory of the scent? 
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  1. Casma by Caswell Massey.

    It used to be a big musky jasmine, originally from the 1930s. Caswell Massey brought it back in limited edition. It came in an Art Deco bottle with a bulb atomizer, and my best friend and I wore it to her sophomore dance when we were 16.

    I got it as a Christmas present last year, and it's still jasmine, but there's a really heavy artificial note, so now it smells like Guerlain's shrill Samsara. They must have reformulated it.

  2. Just the other day actually. Montale's Oud Cuir d'Arabie. I love, love, love that perfume but on this occasion it just smelled wrong. I don't know if the sample has turned bad or if its just a temporary thing...

  3. Hi Joan - I hate when that happens! You're probably right, some sort of reformulation has taken place. And your nose has probably developed a great deal, too. That could account for some of it.

  4. Hi Michael - I know you love the Cuir, so that must have been weird! Once in a while, my nose just experiences things different than it did the month before, week before...even the day before! Hard to explain, but it happens.



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