Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Is Your One Big Thing?

With my 52nd birthday just around the corner, I've been doing a lot of thinking.  Time ticks away quickly and I have a new sense of urgency about figuring stuff out.  

Like, what is going to make me happiest and create a positive impact in the time I have left on earth?  What do I most want to accomplish?  What makes my life meaningful?

What is the One Big Thing that makes all the difference?

How about you?  What is The One Thing you must have to make your life meaningful?

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  1. A sense of peace within myself...

  2. I think for me it is to be married to the man I loved and love, wanted to get married to and would marry again in a heartbeat.

    But then, I do have that -- and I am still thinking. Had I not have that, though, I think everything else would be the least of my problems...

  3. Josephine, for me its simple - my family.

  4. Hi Frida, peace - just for ourselves - is so important! It's an interesting time of life for us fifty-somethings, isn't it? Sending peaceful vibes your way.

  5. a.k.a Warum, your comment warmed my heart. How lucky any of us are to find true love and to know when we have it. I'm really happy for you!

  6. Michael, I know how important your family is to you. They are lucky that you value them so highly. Enjoy them every moment you can!

  7. Josephine, yes, I am glad that I conveyed my thought 100%. I hope you will figure out what's your big thing. Do you have an idea?

  8. Avoiding avoidance. No, this is not the final goal, it's the hurdle before I can really clearly see the goal.

    Yeah, this sounds weird. But I've realized that I come from people that will unresistingly sacrifice their hopes and dreams and relationships and happiness, if that's what it takes to avoid facing something even a little bit scarey. It's a family tradition I'm trying to stop following.



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