Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Downside Of A Signature Scent

She can only smell her perfume up close, too

It's official - I can no longer smell Rose Essentielle.

This, of course, is the sucky side of a signature scent (say that fast five times).  It's been a long time since I wore one perfume every single day, but I remember this phenomenon.

Inner Critic has tapped me on the shoulder to ask, 'didn't you just buy a new bottle of Rose Essentielle?'  

Thank you, King of Stating the Obvious.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a glorious 60 seconds after spraying it on - quite generously, I might add - and then...nothin'.  Others can still smell it, but what's the point if my own damn nose has checked out?

Sorry, Daphne.

If I press my nose to my arm, it's still there, beautiful as ever.  But I used to get random hits of sillage through the day accompanied by thoughts of, 'OMG, I smell goohoohood!'

Now, it looks like the jig is up, the fat lady has sung and that's all she wrote.  I'm already contemplating the next rose perfume in the seasonal rotation.  

Not to worry, I'll be back in the spring.

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  1. For what it's worth, I find that if I spray a scent well away from my nose, I'm more likely to keep catching whiffs of it as the day goes on. I usually go with the back of my neck, where it has to go full circle to reach me, and my stomach, where it has to drift up through my shirt. If I spray it on my chest, neck, arms, or wrists, there's so much flowing to my nose that I shortly can't smell it any more.

    I realize that you're talking about multi-day scent exhaustion, but, well, I mention it just in case.

  2. Hi ChickenFreak - You're so right about spraying a perfume away from one's nose. It's easy to burn out otherwise. Yes, I am talking about wearing a perfume day-after-day, and for a long time I could smell Rose Essentielle, which I was loving! Then one day - I swear it was suddenly one day - I couldn't. And that sucks.

    Good to hear from you!



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